Half Titan

You find one folder containing elements from the 5538 AR edition of the General Flora Encyclopedia. According to the tag on the folder, the encyclopedia itself was compiled from several distinct sources.   Although it is still very commonly used in modern encyclopedia, the term Half Titan does not refer to a single plant species, but is in fact a rather generic term. It refers to several species of particularly large-growing trees found in otherwise relatively dry areas, such as the Three Seas region, or the large and windy canals separating large mountainous areas.   In the current state of botany, the way Half Titans obtain water to grow to such their tremendous size is poorly understood. Most common hypotheses are that the trees' roots manage to dig deep in the underground, and connect to deep underground water sources. As they represent a major source of shade and water, Half Titans are often deeply respected or revered by locals, forming communities around them.  
by Pouaseuille

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