Horsets are small equidae bred for milk and meat in the highlands and Mountain regions. They are the main source of food in most Mountain Hounds cultures.

Additional Information


Most horsets became feral after the Regression. It wasn't until the 740s AR that they first were domesticated by Mountain Hounds populations. The knowledge of this domestication was later on transmitted to Perrots and to humans.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Although they are mostly bred for their meat and milk, every single part of the horsets are used by the Mountain hounds. Their skin is dried and used as fabric for tents, while their hooves and bones are used as weapons. The bones are also used as jewelry, and musical instruments.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Horsets are most often observed in Mountain ranges, mostly in the flat plateaus. However, the feral herds are usually pushed out of these plateaus by the Mountain ranges, and they can be observed grazing on mountain arches and slopes.
Scientific Name
Equus infirmi
Horsets are genetic descendants from the Earth horse Equus ferus.
20 years in the wild, slaughtered between 5 and 10 years in captivity
Average Height
0.6 - 0-9 meters
Average Weight
30 - 100 kg depending on the breed

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