Librarian spirits

Librarian spirits are an unusual group of masked ghosts that haunt the darker galleries of the Merinos Library . Although they like to frighten apprentices and new users of the library, most are not particularly aggressive, and it is known for a fact that some even cooperate with Merinos scientists.  


The average Librarian is taller than most Masked shadows, reaching 1.80 m, and 12 kg. They also tend to live longer than other ghosts. Although the exact lifespan of a Masked shadow is not well established, it is supposed that they live for about as long as a human being, perhaps slightly longer, whilst the oldest living Librarian is said to be more than 140 years old.   As every other Masked Shadow group, the Librarians have a specific mask shape, that they are proud of and that represent their culture. The typical Librarian mask has a thin mouth shaped like an horizontal almond, and relief on its center and above its eye-holes, reminding of a nose and a brow ridge. What is more, Librarians are often seen wearing an upper-mask instead of the traditional make-up harbored by masked Shadows. This upper-mask consists in complex and colorful wood artifacts, and makes the pride of a Librarian: Thus, it is strongly advised not to criticize nor confuse a mask for another, unless wishing to learn new insults or to abruptly end a conversation.   In their usual shape, the Librarians are relatively humanoid for masked ghost standards. Notably, their limbs look much more similar to human limbs than the average. However, Librarians are masters at the art of controling their body shape, and they can fluidly change of aspects for several minutes at a time.


Shared customary codes and values

Librarian spirits, unlike most shadow ghosts, tend to show respect toward humans, or, so as to be more precise, toward scholars. The several generations that lived around the Library have come to admire the fact that, despite not being able to share unconsciously information to one another, humans are able to gather a quite extensive knowledge, through books.   Librarian spirits represent one of the only masked shadows communities in which virtually every individual is able to read and understand human writings, as well as to verbally communicate with humans. They tend to spend time with scholars, some even participate in their research. Despite not being allowed to take political decisions in the Cartographic league, they are thoroughly listened to by members of the Council.
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