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Dome Hills

Also known as Haoka Juzhiha by the local Dheizei, this is the area immediately around Tholaren Dome, including Naoi Oasis, Jomedure Tolu, and the ruins of the Ridu Tadhene Fort. The following article forms a kind of tour of some of the more interesting points in this area.   (To be removed after Mapvember: I'm writing a book focused in this area of my world, so I want to develop the geographical features. Some of these items will be found specifically within the aforementioned areas, but most of them will be general points.)  
  1. (Crater) Turrigarm's Crater - Found to the east of Tholaren Dome, this crater is said to be where the largest Garruw ever to live once crashed to the ground. In the past, strange metal fragments were found, usually supposedly armor. It is generally assumed that it was in fact a meteor. (actually a spaceship that later shifted beneath the surface)
  2. (Cavern) The Cave of Holding - Also called Peirua in the Asazi proto-dialect, the cave is found to the south of Dwarfhold, deep underground. Presumably the cave was used for storage in the past, but now it is said to hold the last dreams of the long-gone Asazi. It is a place of ghosts, and of great danger.
  3. (Crypt) Northwest Asazi Crypt #2 - Unlike their cultural descendants, the Asazi remained on the surface for the most part, but they did construct some crypts underneath the surface. This particular crypt was discovered north of Jomedure Tolu. Originally it could only be access through the surface, although the excavations have made it possible to access from the newer tunnels below. This particular crypt is interesting because it does not correspond with any known Asazi settlements, large or small.
  4. (Gauntlet) Zhyerrnand's Knives - named for the goddess of water in The Faith of the Star-Eyed, the Knives are a series of jagged ice growths found at the northeastern edge of the Gewramf Sea. The water temperature is spectacularly cold there, and the ice gets pushed up out of the water as more is formed beneath, forming steep jagged walls that make navigating that edge of the water very dangerous.
  5. (Shield) Bezedzila Shield - Or just Bezedzila to the weinadi, the treated-wood shield found over Jomedure Tolu is an excellent example of the weinadi values of security and artistry combined. It is a highly functional object, and the carvings on the surface are exquisitely done.
  6. (Anchor) Hold Point - Just south of Jomedure Tolu is a crucial point along the Haora Canals system. The water flow is regulated at this point, and most cargo vessels moving along must anchor at this point to avoid being swept along during a scheduled outflow.
  7. (Sea) The False Sea - Not found on any maps, the False Sea/Hyeir Dlaa is a garruw construction found south of the mountain arm, near a Yagupa settlement. It is used as a cooling mechanism for the forging of components for rocketry experiments.
  8. (Island) Tsumbech Island - This was the first place that the Yagupa attempted to settle when they came south from their original homeland. Found on the Gewramf Sea, the island is named for the usual red color of the dirt there, and for its high quantity of iron-based clay. The pottery made on Tsumbech is highly valued for how unique and colorful it is.
  9. (Palace) Ha Naheru - The Dheizei mainly roam the surface, but the few places they build as permanent shelters are magnificent. There is a particularly magnificent cavern found at the base of the mountains where only clan leaders and their families are permitted to go, except in times of emergency. The leaders are expected to maintain the artistry used in crafting the cavern. On those few occasions when they must choose a single leader for all the clans, they are expected to live in Ha Naheru.
  10. (Cemetery) The Boneyard - Found to the north of Naoi Oasis, the Boneyard is one of the traditional Dheizei graveyards used for the Storm Call. Since the Dheizei leave their dead out in heavy storm conditions, specifically preparing the bodies to attract lightning, there are the charred bones left over. The Boneyard is one of the more traditional plains for this, as it features wide spaces for leaving the bodies and nearby places for the funeral attendants to hide.
  11. (Dragon) Gruzhye - A Garruw township found directly west of Tholaren Dome. Only accessible by flying. Named for its excellent view of the water.
  12. (Ruins) Blys Catch - The reason for the name is a mystery to current historians. At the southmost point of the mountains, Blys Catch is a ruin that appears to be of human design. It's a smaller dome, similar in construction to the one they live in now, but entirely empty, and entirely abandoned. The weather has cracked the shell, but it remains in better shape than the primary dome would be by now, indicating it was made using different materials.
  13. (Maw) Rajol's Maw - At the mouth of the Atsawiya river, Rajol's Maw is a whirlpool that is surprisingly small for how powerful its draw is.
  14. (Maze) Vaondhurr - Found at the pinnacle of the southwest branch of the mountains, Vaondhurr is a small garruw city. Historically, this city is rather boring, being primarily used by nesting parents with the safest egg dur (see item 20) in the region. Its proximity to several major human and weinadi settlements makes this sound unlikely, but it is true. Surprisingly, the city itself is something of a maze, its construction being haphazard and mainly performed by people who do not intend to live there forever. The difficulty of navigation is considered a plus as it is an overt negative to invasion from the ground elements.
  15. (Pool) The Paladian Baths - Not far south of Tholaren Dome, the Paladian Baths are a feature of a particular valley, where the water pooling in the bottom is in a carved rectangular shape, like it was specifically carved out. It's in such an odd place it's hard to fathom why it was carved out, but it wasn't done by the weinadi.
  16. (Nebula) Refraction Nebula/Glaflay Finle - An important marker in early garruw navigation, the Glaflay Finle (approximately "Starbright North") was a particular pool of water found in an inlet on the west side of the Gewramf Sea. The water had unusual qualities and early garruw thought it was a reflection of the nebula found above the storm clouds. It is in fact a combination of unusual minerals in the water and also a particular energy effect from the proliferation of Amdzha Crystal nearby, so while it looks like a nebula, it isn't. The unusual qualities made it easy to find, and thus became an important marker as to the positioning of the mountains nearby and on the way to more northern areas. On a map, the inlet looks like an arrow pointing north.
  17. (Dock) Apaoradai Lihi - Literally "best landing/dock", this is the current spot on the south edge of the Gewramf Sea for boats to dock safely.
  18. (Mine) The Tassenhelder House - Found three kilometers northwest of the Dome, this house is a rather unique example of human architecture outside of their usual protective bubbles. The house is capable of being sealed and producing the oxygen levels they need to survive. However, signs point to the house never having been occupied. The kitchen table is a beautiful wood, but carved in jagged letters with a poem, that begins: "What once was mine, now lost."
  19. (Crystal) Chrrganin Farm - Found directly north of Tholaren Dome, Chrrganin Farm is for the harvesting of amdzha crystals by the garruw.
  20. (Egg) Vaondhurr Egg Dur - There's a linguistic irony in the latter two words translating as "safe nest." This egg dur is found on the lake side of the crux of the mountain range, where the various branches come together. It is a noted safe point for dragons to birth their young. Far enough secluded to avoid the weinadi, while still being low enough to the ground to avoid falling accidents with the very young.
  21. (Abomination) The Deathly Graveyard - To the far north of the Gewramf Sea, south of Giridlozh Prison, there is a particular graveyard used for the bodies of garruw serial killers. It doesn't happen much, but when it does, the corpses are disfigured in particular ways, and not permitted in the usual spaces, and so this graveyard forms a stark reminder. For those on the ground, it is a place of curiosity. The garruw do not mind, since the desecration of bodies is welcome in this case.
  22. (Corrupted) Blood Field - A rather haunting name for a flat plain near the Gewramf that is striped all over with copper and other red metals. It's a striking image, especially in the glints of stormy light. Not mined because of a rather awkward position that would make it dangerous.
  23. (Undead) Dzemrin's Haunt - Found slightly east of the Ridu Tadhene Fort ruins, this is the site of one of the more famous garruw ghost stories. A leader of theirs decided to attack the weinadi, was slain before she even reached the fort proper, and supposedly haunts the area. It is a tradition among young adults to make insults to attempt to face the ghost.
  24. (Abandoned) Dawik's Shadow - In the legends of the Low Gods, this forest east of Tholaren is said to be where Dawik abandoned those poisons of his that caused pain rather than swift death. Noted to be the source of several vicious toxins, pretty much everyone avoids this forest.
  25. (Demon) Training Grounds - Southeast of Tholaren there is a shallow cave system where Dheizei Storm Scouts train. This particular group of them are known as the Demons of Green Rock, for their devilish tactics.
  26. (Sand) Lizoma Beach - There is a small lake near Jomedure Tolu where that city harvests most of the sand they use in their glassmaking. The beach is particularly broad and beautiful, with the bluish sand making a beautiful glint.
  27. (Haven) Zahra's House - Unknown to most of the humans in Tholaren, there is a little house found not too far away from them to the northwest. It's properly sealed, but no longer has any furniture inside as Zahra Roydark's descendants emptied it once their matriarch died. It was her haven, one of the few places in the world that could reflect her culture, unique from the rest of those in the Dome.
  28. (Spice) Drovendzhorrag - To the east of the chasms leading to Jomedure Tolu, there is a small valley where a number of plants grow, including the incredibly spicy zhorrag, a garruw delicacy. in olden days, the weinadi would leave bunches of the spice out on top of the hills, to intoxicate the garruw and keep them from hunting them effectively. It only grows in this one space, Drovendzhorrag.
  29. (Harvest) The Old Harvest - South of Jomedure Tolu, on the surface, there's a massive overgrown field full of hardy foodstuffs that thrive, even through the storms. It's thought that this field was once a point of agriculture for the Asazi, before that society was essentially destroyed. By quiet agreement, the Basadu largely leave it alone for the Dheizei to forage on their travels.
  30. (Garden) Zahra's Garden - Found in a slight depression on the east side of the external Dome, Zahra's Garden is profuse with several unusual kinds of plants, unlike anything else found on the planet. It is thought that she was propagating plants that used to survive in the planet's old atmosphere, getting them to acclimate. They do not thrive in other areas of the planet, but they are unique in that they can survive in the lower oxygen environment outside of the regulated Dome.


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