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Storm Call

ŕaoshaonà nar̈u da safà saẓà!
Let their soul fly free! (a quote from the end of the Storm Call prayers)   The Dheizei Weinadi believe that when they die, their souls are absorbed into the storm energy of Thaiterra.   The ritual comes from the Weinadi creation myth where the singular god Dhu crafted the world. It is believed that completing the Storm Call (Ranir'ka) will allow the deceased a chance to rejoin Dhu in heaven, or else become a part of the energy cycle of the planet. Important to note that the Garruw consume storm energy, so this is not a particularly pleasant idea for a Weinadi.   Absolutely nothing is known or even speculated on for what happens after the Storm Call is completed. If the dead person succeeds in reconciliation, they join Dhu, and this is believed to be so wonderful that the mortal mind cannot comprehend it, so the Dheizei don't even try.   These beliefs were some of the central reasons that the Dheizei separated from normal Weinadi society.


The Dheizei calculate where the most powerful storms within range will be nine days after the person dies. The chosen two attendants will travel with the body to that location. It must be nine days. If the date of death is unknown, the rituals are completed in a three day time period.   In either case, the body is wrapped with cloths soaked in a particular metallic preservative. When this is completed, the two companions set out immediately with the body for the chosen location.   After the journey is completed, the attendants will wait with the body until the appropriate storm arrives. When it comes, they leave the body in the open. The preservative will attract the lightning, and as the attendants scream the prayers to the skies, the body is struck and typically obliterated.


There are only ever two participants in a Dheizei funeral (not including the deceased). Usually these are specially chosen by the deceased, as someone close to them, or particularly admired by them. It is considered an honor to be chosen by anyone, and somewhat disgraceful to ignore such a request. If the person died before choosing, the two highest leaders of their clan will go.
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