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The Ffolk Kingdom


The Ffolk are comprised of several small towns, villages, and hamlets that are loosely united under the rule of a High King. Before the start of the war, each settlement maintained its own autonomy. However, during the war's turmoil and hardships, the kingdom centralized its control over the holdings, resulting in the loss of their independence.


The Ffolk residing in the Moon Shaes were united under a single leadership a century ago when High Queen Alicia Kendrick brought them together. Today, the reign is held by High King Derid Kendrick. Despite his family previously ruling over what was considered the largest domain in the Moon Shaes, their territory has since been reduced to only the vicinity surrounding the capital city.


Once controlling large swath of territory across the Moon Shae Isles, the kingdom's holdings have been reduced to a fragment of what they once were. Currently, it struggles to exert direct control outside of the capital city's walls, but many Ffolk settlements cut off from its influence remain loyal.


The exact strength of the kingdom remains unclear to the Lord's Alliance. The Ffolk Kingdom has been confined to its alabaster castle for some time, and few military sightings have been reported outside of Caer Callidyyr's walls. Aided by Fort Vegapath, the kingdom is actively working towards restoring its military prowess. By integrating magic into its regiments, the kingdom is strategically positioning itself to reclaim its former glory and reassert its dominance in the Moon Shae Isles.

Agriculture & Industry

Before the war the Ffolk people were, for the most part, an agrarian society relying on the land and its bounty to ensure their continued survival. Unfortunately, the initial loss of the two southern moonwells early on it in the war brought darkness and corruption to the land. The few high quality goods it does manage to produce often never leave the capitol cities walls.

Trade & Transport

The war severely impacted the kingdom's trade and the availability of goods and services from outside the archipelago has become severely restricted. Despite these difficulties, Caer Callidyyr, the kingdom's capital city and the predominant port on the Isle of Alaron, continues to play a crucial role in maintaining commerce on the isle.