Once a proud and prosperous settlement along the High King's Road, Ogden was nearly reduced to rubble during the devastating conflict. However, it now serves as a symbol of hope for the Ffolk Kingdom's reconstruction effort. Day by day, the village continues to grow and expand, a testament to the hard work and determination of its inhabitants. The future of Ogden is bright, and with the determination and hard work of its citizens, it is sure to reach new heights in the years to come.


The inhabitants of Ogden are a mix of Ffolk refugees, all united in their mission to rebuild their homes and lives. They are a hardy and determined group, consisting of new settlers as well as the original members of the town, the mute dozen men and women who kept the village alive during the war.


The village is ruled by Lord Belial Pawldoson, a native of Ogden, former soldier, and chef of Fort Vegapath. He governs with a gentle hand, using his strength only when necessary to protect the safety and well-being of his people. Ogden is under the jurisdiction of Caer Callidyrr, paying taxes and adhering to the laws of the Ffolk Kingdom.

Industry & Trade

The Knockwater general store provides essential supplies to those working to rebuild the village. The communal eatery and tavern, run by Lord Belial, offers a space for the community to come together and support one another. Stool, the myconid in the partially damaged building covered in fungus helps feed the town.


The rebuilding of Ogden remains a top priority for the Ffolk Kingdom, as the town's infrastructure was severely damaged during the war. Despite the losses, the town is slowly emerging from the ashes, with makeshift homes and hovels popping up amid the rubble. A collection of tradesmen and artisans have set up temporary workshops, including a blacksmith, a cartwright, a chandler, and a huntsman. Outside the square, a community of residential homes are gradually being restored. The Ffolk Kingdom has also established a small detachment of guards to help maintain order within the town and protect its citizens from outside threats.
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