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High King Derid Kendrick

High King of the Moonshaes Derid Kendrick

An inheritor of the Kendrick legacy, Derid Kendrick comes from a long line of Moon Shae rulers. Other than the ambassador, few soldiers have had the honor of meeting the high king. Those that have report that he is a reasonable man who only seeks to salvage what little remains of his kingdom.


Derid's reign has been filled with turmoil and strife. Since taking control of the kingdom after his father's passing 25 years ago, the king as been met with challenge after challenge. A decade into his reign, the once unified Isle of Alaron began to fall back into chaos, the Norlanders who had long since pledged allegiance to the king began to break away and form independent and isolated tribes. After a long and hard fought conflict with the tribes, Derid retained control of all land South of the capital city.

Wealth & Financial state

Much of the wealth still controlled by the Ffolk Kingdom rests in the hands of the high king. The exact amount is unknown to the Lord's Alliance, however it is estimated that the king retains 500,000 GP is reserve, as well as a treasury of precious metals and jewels.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
High King of the Moon Shaes, Lord of Alaron, Master of Caer Callidyyr, Child of Kendrick
Current Residence
Castle Caer Callidyyr
Aligned Organization