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The port of Cobh consists only of a few small structures and presents as a small fishing village. However, underneath the spotted village, within the depths of the cliffside lay hidden a wartime shipyard.


Mostly made up of sailors, fishermen and military men, the people of Cobh appear gruff to the common passerby. However, a closer look reveals a determined group of men and women eager to save their home.


Cobh has no official lord or leader, instead relying on a mutual undestanding and loose military rule. Any major dispute that arises within the confines of the village falls to the highest ranking military officer stationed at the port.


Made up of only a few small wooden buildings on a cliff side, the village of Cobh is not much to look at. However, with proper approval one can access the robust shipyard below village. The shipyard itself remains in a fledgling state, but with time it is sure to flourish.
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