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Soldiers of the Sword Coast

1492 DR

In the year of three ships sailing, a war erupted within the Moonshae Isles as Lady Elriza Daressin set her sights on the Fey city of Karador. At first the prevailing powers along the Sword Coast paid no mind to the vampire's ambition, but as time went on, they came to regret their inaction. The area destabilized, and famine soon struck the nations of the Lords Alliance. As time passed the land fell to chaos and calamity.

I have not had the chance to venture beyond the isle of Alaron, but so far I have found this place to be quite unsettling. The flora and fauna are somewhat hostile, I'm not sure if this place has always been such a shit hole or if the war has wiped away all that was once beautiful.
— CPT Tel,Fort Vegapath Command