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Caer Callidyrr

Caer Callidyrr with his family and loyal servants. The capital city of Callidyrr, sandwiched between the Dernall Forest to the south and the Fairheight Mountains to the North, acts as the center of culture and trade for the remnants of the High King’s domain. With so much fear and uncertainty assailing House Kendrick from all directions, most of King Derid’s troops have been called back to protect Caer Callidyrr and the immediate surroundings.


Once a thriving city of nearly 40,000 people the population of Caer Callidyrr has been halved since the start of the war. The remaining population of the city is overwhelmingly human with the occasional dwarf and halfling. Those fortunate to have acquired space within the capital's walls often live a comfortable life.


Castle Quarter

The northern-most part of the city is dominated by Caer Callidyrr itself, the fortress that gives the city its name. The alabaster castle is the tallest building in the Moon Shaes, and perched on top of a foothill at the base of the Fairheight Range. This quarter is also home to the mercantile hall, as well as the city's oldest residential area. Despite their proximity to the castle, those living below Caer Callidyrr in the Castle District tend not to be particularly wealthy – this older part of the city is characterized by small, old stone homes and winding streets. City administrators, merchants and others tend to live in this area.  

Dock Quarter

The city's dock quarter is characterized by a proliferation of pubs, inns, taverns and a fair number of warehouses.  

Forest Quarter

The Forest Quarter is home to many of the city's artisans and their shops, as well as a number middle-class homes.  

Plains Quarter

The Plains Quarter houses many of the city's administrative buildings and the estates of the wealthy.  

Low Quarter

The low quarter is the poorest part of the city within the walls. Many immigrants from abroad make their homes here, and the Low Quarter is thus a very diverse and vibrant place, with many restaurants and small shops.  

Wolf Quarter

The Wolf Quarter remains in shambles after the chaos now referred to as 'The Madness' amongst the denizens of the city.  

Garden Quarter

The Garden Quarter is home to many temples and other cultural building, as well as many upper middle class residents.  


Nestled on the exterior of the city's western wall, Walltown is the city's most impoverished region, an extension of the Low Quarter that doesn't benefit from the protection of the walls.  


Hilltown is where many of Caer Callidyrr's halflings live, a picturesque community of hilly burrows and small shops. Hilltown is technically separate from Callidyrr, and does have its own mayor.  


Many sailors, fishers and shipwrights choose to make their homes in this small sea-side community rather than the crowded Dock Quarter.

Points of interest

Market Square, the city's largest market, is positioned between the Castle Quarter, Forest Quarter and Dock Quarter. Within the market one can find the 'The Tavern', a small establishment that is believed to be the primary point of contact for the local thieves guild.   Grey Market, it is rumored at times that an assortment of unique items and weapons are for sale within the Market Square. However, one is said to need an intermediary to browse or purchase any goods.
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