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Sanctuary of the Tranquil Trinity

Located in the center of the city, the Sanctuary of the Tranquil Trinity serves as the largest religious building in Caer Callidyrr. The temple contains three distinct santums as well as an open central courtyard that serves as a greenplace for paritioners to relax and recover.

Purpose / Function

The temple was created to help the Ffolk embrace their traditions and past beliefs. Amidst the war many of the Ffolk developed a fear and distaste for all types of magic including those that were interwoven into their own heritage. This temple serves as one of the first steps made by the Ffolk and Fort Vegapath to reunify the people with their heritage.   The temple offers its healing services to many of the Ffolk people for free but asks for donations from anyone of substantial wealth or power. Moreover, Fort Vegapath has agreed to sponsor the temple in exchange divine restoration.


The temple has three distinct sanctums surrounding a central common area:
  • a sanctum containing a community garden of crops, herbs, flowers, and other flora - with an alter dedicated to Chauntea
  • a sanctum containing a still pond full of fish at it's center, with a waterfall falling into it; surrounded by various plants and flowers - with an alter dedicated to Eldath
  • a sanctum containing trees with various wildlife of birds and small animals -- with an alter dedicated to Mielikki
  • Tourism

    The temple offers a variety of services ranging from traiditional medicine to arcane restorative magics. Soldiers of Fort Vegapath are encouraged to make use of the temples many services. Please note each service can only be performed once per day.  



    Eldath's Water:

    This service works as a twin casting of Greater Restoration. However, at times the effects can be greater. Donation - 350 GP  

    Chauntea's Crop:

    A creature that has been dead for no longer then 10 days can be brought back to life so long as the creature's soul is willing and a piece of the creature is provided. The magic fashions a new body for the creature to inhabit, which likely causes the creature's race to change, however, there is a small chance the creature will return with an additional boon. Donation - 1000 GP  

    Mielikki's Salve:

    This salve heals physical ailments otherwise outside the means of regular magic, including but not limited to missing limbs, broken bones and missing organs. This salve serves as an effective alternate to Regenerate Donation - 250 GP  

    Medicus Magicus:

    A creature that has been dead for no longer then 10 days can be brought back to life so long as the creature's soul is willing and its body intact. A creature brought back to life this way suffers no other negative effects. Donation - 750 GP
    Founding Date
    1493 Hammer 1
    Temple / Religious complex
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