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Aceso Medicus

Physical Description

Aceso is a dwarf who is typically adorned in full plate armour and a shield that has seen significant wear and tear from many a battle; on one hip is a war hammer that looks perfectly pristine, as if it's never seen combat before, and on the other hip sits a healer's kit that never leaves his side. He stands at a height of 4' 4, with typical dwarvern hair and beard, but is more well kept that the majority of dwarves. He has been described as having kind eyes, and when shacking his hand, you would notice that his hands are uncharacteristically soft hands for someone who typically dawns full plate in combat.   Around his neck around his neck hangs a holy symbol of Eldath. The outside border is clearly some sort of beautiful wood that has grown naturally into this oddly perfect circle, with it's grain spiralling around and around. Within this wood border lies what seems to be water actively moving to form the shape of a waterfall falling into a perfectly still pond. From it emanates this constant sound of a waterfall in the distance, which grows louder as he uses his divine power.  

Personal History

Early Years

Aceso grew up in a mining town called Codfin; a town known for trading of it's mined resources. Aceso wasn't built like the other dwarves, and his family members, but he still trained in the basic combat as was customary for all dwarves. He was never able to wield his war hammer to the same degree as his brothers. His father and brothers were typical dwarves who where built for battle and mining; while his mother was a typical dwarvern woman, who could have easily put his father into his place is she decided to.   Aceso had a different temperament than the other dwarves; having a curiosity for knowledge and a desire to help people -- which ultimately led him to his profession. He began aiding those were hurt in the dangerous Codfin mines; eventually seeking out additional knowledge and training in the medical field so he could become more effective in helping those who were hurt. This eventually let him to become one of the few physicans in Codfin; who also specialized in the collection of herbs for the treatment of ailments. For a period of time, Aceso lived in the shadows of the mine, helping those in the community and surrounding areas.  

Fledgling Cleric

Aceso was never a religious man, turning more to knowlege and logic, than to the divine. A learned physician/doctor, he didn't put much stock in religion or it's benefits. Despite this, a deity noticed his actions as a physican, and decided to grant him a divine gift. He struggled with understanding why he was chosen, or what was expected of him. The deity never revealed it's identity to Aceso, showing veiled visions within dreams; usually in the form of a warm embrace of light and, but their identity is something that is beyond reach. In the end he decided to accepted these divine gifts since they allow him to help more people in need, which, to his best knowledge, aligns with the goals of this mysterious deity.  

Leaving Codfin

After several years, he had a sudden obscured vision of his deity that instilled him with a persistent feeling that he needed to leave the city. That he would be able to make a much bigger impact on the world and eventually his home as well if he left. He initially ignored these warnings as the idea of leaving his community.... his family behind was unthinkable. Then after several days he got a more forceful vision in a dream that left him with a feeling he had never experienced before. The next morning he packed up his bags, said goodbye to this family and friends, and left his home on a ship that was heading north, as if he was being pulled in that direction — leaving family, friends and his community behind.   Several days after he set off, the ship received word that his home had been invaded by Snowden forces. His immediate impluse was to turn back, but he knew there was nothing he could do as he is now. When the ship landed in a port further north, he continued to follow that pull, until he reached an area that had a few people, and a couple tents. A few people where just starting to clear trees for what looked like the fledging camp.  

Fort Vegapath

Aceso joined Fort Vegapath at it's inception, and worked to help turn it from a few tents into the Fort it is today. Upon arrival, he set up a make-shift medical tent, that eventually grew into the field hospital with several people people all working there to keep the camp healthy.   During his time at Fort Vegapath, Aceso was the primary doctor and physician of the camp, and also an active member, participating and leading various missions.   Highlights:
  • Created the medical tent, which became the field hospital in time
  • Early on Aceso detected a mysterious disease that was spreading through camp - one that ate away at the soul itself; and even those with disease immunity were impacted.
  • Across several mission to collect ingredients, and then working Durella to prepare a cure
  • Aceso was able to cure the disease before it spread or got worse
  • Part of the Axo, the dragon and Cobh event
  • Drank tea with Durella and grew mushrooms in his beard for a period of time
  • Escorted Durella to the Tree of Storms, where she was able to open a portal to the "True Grove"; the home of Eldath
  • Worked with Durella to re-create her sacred grove that used to exist where the camp is today.
  • Led one of the teams that repeled an attack on the camp during the night known as The "Silent" Night of Cobh
  • Stockpiled a TON of emergency supplies on behalf of the field hospital and camp
  • Helped dispatch of, at least temporarily, the black tar that was spreading, corrupting and feeding a deadly creature... interrupting the growth of a suspected Kazgoroth
  • Survived the fall of Horsa, as it was dragged into "the shadow itself", and was ripped from this plane
  • Durella offered Aceso a holy symbol for Eldath; which he accepted
  • Decided to start accepting Eldath as his deity, and her teachings
  • Led the mission to clear out a temple to the First Circle, and got a rare set of flowers at Durella's request
  • Led the mission to clear out an abandoned sacred grove, gave the King of the capital credit for it, and helped mend the relations with the Archdruid Fenster at the moon well
  • Contributed to a mission that ended the darkness around Bounty after defeating a shadow/darkness dragon
  • Led one of the groups worked to capture the Moonwell
  • Learned to commune with Eldath, including a communal vision where Aceso flew over the sword coast, seeing the devastation on the sword coast, the mainland, and eventually the location of the meeting for the Emerald Enclave
  • Met with the Emerald Enclave on behalf of the Quiet One
  • Contributed to a mission that recovered an item needed by the Jims to move the camp to a pocket dimension
  • Contributed to investigations into the cultists marked with the symbol of the 11
  • Led construction of the Temple of Chauntea, Eldath, and Mielikki in Caer Callidyrr; Sanctuary of the Tranquil Trinity
  • Moving On

    The temple was finally completed on 1493 DR, Hammer 1.   Upon it's completion, Aceso made the difficult decision to retire from active service at Fort Vegapath, as both a member and it's primary Doctor, to take an active role in running the temple in Caer Callidyrr.  

    Final letter from Aceso:

    My Fellow Friends,   With a conflicted and heavy heart, I wish to inform you that I will be resigning as the primary doctor of the Field Hospital.   For awhile now, I've been coordinating the construction of a Temple dedicated to Chauntea, Eldath, and Mielikki within the capital of Caer Callidyrr. As it nears completion, I believe the biggest impact I can have on ending this conflict is to dedicate myself to the temple. I will be waging a critical battle on another front - winning the hearts and minds of the ffolk: spreading the acceptance of their own past traditions and beliefs; providing medical and healing to those in need; expanding their acceptance of certain kinds of magic; and hopefully expanding their outlook and acceptance of the various species and races. It is a longer-term strategy, but I truly believe that strengthening the ffolk is the best strategy for the long-term success in this conflict.   It has been my pleasure to serve you all in my capacity as a doctor of the fort, and an honour to serve along side you all.   This is not "good-bye", but "see-you-around".   You can visit this "chipper dwarf" at the intersection of the Low Quarter, Wolf Quarter, Plains Quarter, and the Forest Quarter; at far south-east edge of the forest quarter. Follow the sounds of birds, bees, and waterfalls... follow the smell of rain, flowers, and trees... or the feeling of nature's tranquility within the city.     Aceso,   Cleric of Eldath, The Quiet One   Sanctuary of the Tranquil Trinity

    Religious Path

      Early on Aceso was not religious at all. A learned physician/doctor, he didn't put much stock in religion or it's benefits. Even when he gained powers, he didn't understand it, but it allowed him to further help others. He didn't know which deity granted him this power, but they seemed to have a common goal of helping people.   After meeting Durella, and working with her on various projects, he began to gain a basic understand ofreligion, belief, and the benefits and power it held -- at least at a basic level; but again lacked that connection to any deity or source. After Durella offered her a holy symbol for Eldath, he held onto it as a gift for a short period, not truly understanding what she was offering. But through the events at the fall of Horsa, where a light was produced through his connection to Durella, helping buffer them from the deadly consuming darkness, he believed it was Durella who saved them. Durella told him that she provided the conduit so that Aceso could produce the aura -- wasn't actually her doing it; it was him. After this Aceso began to truly understand, and that's when he truly began to be a cleric of Eldath.   As time continued, his following of Eldath changed him over time.
  • Learned to brew and drink potent tea; just like how Durella likes it
  • He never attacked first, and couldn't bring himself to attack in cases when it wasn't undead or other corrupt creatures. Opting to keep his friends alive, as their healer and doctor instead.
  • He looked for diplomatic options when at all possible, and would take the extra risks in dangerous situations to attempt to talk with those who could be a potential enemy or hostile.
  • Learned to maintain and care for the sacred groves: it's plants, animals, forests, flowers, waters and so on.
  • Spent more and more of his time in the Sacred Grove, within that tranquil peace of nature
  • Eventually he decided to construct a temple within Caer Callidyrr:
    A key priority for the camp should be to get the Ffolk to embrace their traditions and beliefs of the past. A Druid from the Stagford Moonwell (Sora), has moved to the city and has been helping the people in the Capital. This has started to change the minds and hearts of the people, but we could do more.   I believe that if we’re to build a new, or refurbish an existing, temple to the First Circle it could be a major driver toward helping the ffolk to embrace their beliefs and traditions of the past. This could lead to those embracing their beliefs being blessed with additional gifts, those with gifts from not hiding or suppressing them and to the normalization of helpful magic in the Capital.   It would also potentially allow us access to more powerful healing that we currently don’t have access to at the fort.   It would be convenient to have it at the fort, but I believe it has more value to be build in the capital of Caer Callidyrr. It could also be potentially run by Sora if she wished, or by a collection of priests, clerics or other druids who are dedicated to the first circle.   This would be an involved project, and require many of us to complete, but it would also show our ongoing commitment to our allies and the ffolk.   The temple will have 3 distinct sanctums surrounding a central common area:
  • a sanctum containing a community garden of crops, herbs, flowers, and other flora - with an alter dedicated to Chauntea
  • a sanctum containing a still pond full of fish at it's center, with a waterfall falling into it; surrounded by various plants and flowers - with an alter dedicated to Eldath
  • a sanctum containing trees with various wildlife of birds and small animals -- with an alter dedicated to Mielikki
  • In the center would be an open courtyard that is covered in grass and flowers, along with a few trees and a water feature. This green space would be open for all people to relax surrounded by nature within the city. For all those who are sick or hurt, this would be a place to come for treatment.   The plan is to have the temple located in a place that borders different districts within the capital; with the hope that it facliliates access to residents from all walks of life. We plan to build it on the far south-east edge of the forest quarter, that borders the Low Quarter, Wolf Quarter, Plains Quarter, and Forest Quarter.   Name: Sanctuary of the Tranquil Trinity
      The temple was finally completed on 1493 DR, Hammer 1. Upon it's completion, Aceso made the difficult decision to retire from active service at Fort Vegapath, as both a member and it's primary Doctor, to take an active role in running the temple in Caer Callidyrr.   At present, Aceso actively manages the Sanctuary of the Tranquil Trinity.
    Cleric of Eldath