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Now lost to the shadows, Horsa was a city born in conflict and created to thrive in the chaos of war. Founded by mercenaries, Horsa prided itself on the idea that every member must provide something of worth for the community. The city existed as a commune devoted to the Storm Lord Talos, and had become the home of many fierce soldiers seeking wealth amidst the opportunity of war.


Horsa's population is far more varied and their people more accepting than many other places in Alaron. Made up primarily of mercenaries and individuals who support them, the citizens hail from around the Archipelago and reportedly some have come from as far as the Eastern Empires.


In addition to its singular ruler, Lady Calliope, it is believed that there may be some type of council, but it is unclear at this time if they hold any true power or if the title is merely a reward she hands out to her loyal followers.


While the old city of Horsa has long since fallen, the Horsian Conclave has rebuilt a large swath of the structures. Unlike many of the towns and villages outside the capital cities walls, Horsa remains a thriving place full of commerce. By and large the greatest asset the Horsians possess is location. The docks on the Southern edge of the city serve as the largest accessible port along the Swanmay River.

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Beneath the city lies a colosseum the Horsians used to initiate new followers. All new denizens of the city must under The Trials to gain citizenship.

14th Eleint, 1492

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