Lady Calliope

Personal History

Not much is known of Lady Calliope aside from her prowess with a sword and skill with magic. She claims to have once worked with the Open Lord of Waterdeep, Laeral Silverhand, and rumors swirl that she may originally hail from the northern parts of Alaron. Calliope claims to not truly follow the Storm Lord, Talos, stating she only uses his favor as a means to an end.  

Achievements & Accomplishments

Aside from tales of heroic deeds and adventure in her time before coming to the Moon Shae Isles, Calliope's accomplishments are numerous. At the top of the list rank the founding of Horsa and capture of the Moonwell in the Torriage Wood, both enormous feats for any one individual.  

Intellectual Characteristics

Quick witted and keen, Calliope is not to be underestimated. She has shown general knowledge of varied subjects and possesses specialty knowledge regarding battlefield and naval tactics.  

Morality & Philosophy

Calliope's morals are somewhat questionable. She claims to only follow the Storm Lord out of convenience, but many of the practices she endorses are taboo. Best anyone can tell, this woman seeks power like any other and will likely compromise a fair few accepted morals along the way.
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