The Lord's Alliance

The Lords' Alliance, also known as the Council of Lords, was a partnership of merchant cities founded in 1325 DR. Its members were from the Sword Coast, the North and Western Heartlands, including Waterdeep, Silverymoon, Baldur's Gate, and Neverwinter, as well as other free cities and towns in the region, which made up the bulk of the organization. It was formed to oppose the growing influence of the Black Network in the North, as well as the Shadow Thieves of Amn.


The Lord's Alliance officially consists of the following members:   Waterdeep:: Open Lord Laeral Silverhand
Neverwinter: Lord Protector Dagult Neverember
Silverymoon: High Mage Taern Hornblade
Baldur's Gate: Grande Duke of Baldur's Gate
Daggerford: Duchess Morwen Daggerford
Mirabar: Marchion Selin Ramur
Longsaddle: Dowell Harpell
Mithral Hall: Queen Dagnabbet Waybeard
Amphail: Viscount Aegir
The Savage Frontier: Viscount Slawd

Public Agenda

Initially the alliance set out to the Moon Shae Isles after the conflict within began to effect the trade of the Sword Coast. Only after engaging the threat did they realize the ambitions of Lady Elriza Daressin pose a far greater danger than famine to the denizens of the coast.


The alliance has readily involved it self in every major threat to the order of the Faerun since its inception, including having a direct hand in ensuring the Cult of the Dragon did not succeed in its mission to free the dragon goddess.   Unfortunately, shortly into the Moon Shae conflict the status of the Lord's Alliance is unknown. It is known that a catastrophe on scale with the Spellplague swept through the Sword Coast, decimating its population, and leaving behind a broken and fragmented Weave.