Fort Vegapath

Once a forward operating base for the Lord's Alliance, now the headquarters of all operations within the Isles, Fort Vegapath serves as the primary location for all active soldiers. Once nothing more than a few sacks of sand and two rickety structures, the fort has grown substantially in the short time it has existed


Comprised of a wide variety of folk from across Faerun, Fort Vegapath is home to a large number of species. Most inhabitants are active duty members of the Lord's Alliance, but each hails from a different part of the world.


The fort is home to a few interesting buildings. The Knockwater's shop is certainly a popular stop for most, albeit a bit pricey. Just north of the shop one can find the home of a druid quite skilled in the herbal and alchemical arts. However, is she is a bit shy and unlikely to share her supplies with just anyone. Lastly, the ambassador has made his home on the eastern side of the fort, the structure a bit more lavish than the rest and appears inviting to any who might approach.   Aside from those two structures most other buildings are what one would expect to find in such a place. A barracks, a field hospital, a training ground etc...  
Founding Date
16th of Flamerule, 1492 DR
Military, Base
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