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Major Rem

Major Archibald Roderick Remston

A cleric of Celestian with a dry sense of humor appointed directly by the Open Lord of Waterdeep to lead the effort on Alaron. Not much else is known of the Major aside from his love for tobacco and strong feelings about those that waste time amidst the war.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A war cleric, the major's physical prowess is likely second to few within the camp. Although he has rarely been seen in actual combat, one can say with confidence that this man did not survive so many battles by sheer chance.

Apparel & Accessories

Major Rem often wears his full plate adorned with the iconography of Celestian. Always ready for any threat that may present it self no matter the venue, he sports a shield at his back and war hammer at his side. The brilliance and quality of the major's weapons and armor make him quite easy to spot amidst a crowd of regular soldiers.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Major's past is not one that he likes to speak of. It is known that he has readily participated in nearly every major excursion and battle in the last 25 years that involved the City of Splendor, and its people. But the details surrounding the what and where are unknown to all but his closest companions.
Current Location
Aligned Organization