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The Lys'Naara

The Lys'Naara, formerly sea elves of T'Quession in Waterdeep, are a resilient community that has endured multiple displacements, from the cataclysm of the Sword Coast to the enigmatic "Ebb of Aeon" that drained their oceanic sanctuary. Now settled along the banks of the Swanmay River, these "Riverbound" elves strive to balance the preservation of their ancient spiritual and artistic heritage with the adaptations necessary for their new environment.


The Lys'Naaran community is governed by a leadership council. This body is composed of elders, skilled artisans, warriors, and spiritual guides. While it was initially led by Simone Jonai, Elandrial, her right-hand now serves as an interim leader in her absence. Following the council are the warriors and protectors, often younger individuals eager to prove themselves, responsible for the safety of the community.   Artisans and craftsmen occupy a special place in Lys'Naara society. They are skilled in various arts such as Coralweaving and weapon-crafting. The items and artifacts they produce are not just beautiful but vital for the community's sustenance and spiritual well-being. Healers and spiritual leaders comprise another critical segment. These are priests and priestesses devoted to the goddess Trishina, leading ceremonies, and offering guidance to the community. Healers are particularly skilled in both magical and natural remedies.   The backbone of the community is the general population, which includes fishermen, farmers of seaweed and aquatic plants, and caregivers. Each person, irrespective of their role, contributes to the community's overall well-being in some way. Lastly, the youngest and oldest members of the community, the youth and elderly, are cared for by everyone, following the strong communal values that bind the Lys'Naara


The core of Lys'Naaran culture is deeply spiritual, centered around a devotion to the goddess Trishina. Rituals such as the "Oath of the Current" and "Tidecall Ceremony" play a crucial role in maintaining this spiritual connection. Artistic pursuits like Coralweaving are highly valued; coral sculptures created through this magical craft serve both aesthetic and functional purposes, often gracing communal spaces and personal dwellings. Gatherings where stories and songs are shared are regular occurrences that foster community spirit.   Unique cultural practices add layers of richness to their way of life. For instance, a practice known as The Whale Song allows the community to capture significant moments in Whisperstones, offering a blend of nostalgia and education for future generations. Feasts and celebrations, like the annual Feast of Fins, serve as communal bonding experiences, emphasizing their deep connection to aquatic life. Through rituals, art, and community gatherings, the Lys'Naara preserve their heritage while embracing their new life, displaying resilience and adaptability.


Once flourishing in T'Quession, Waterdeep's sea elven district, the Lys’Naara faced their first upheaval when the cataclysm shattered the Sword Coast. Under the steadfast guidance of Simone Jonai, blessed of the Waverider, they escaped the devastation. Arriving in Alaron and now aided by the remnants of the Lord's Alliance, they brokered a settlement with the Ffolk Kingdom and sought refuge in the secluded Whitefish Bay. Here, they lived in peaceful anonymity until something they refer to as the "Ebb of Aeon" compelled them to uproot once again.   The mysterious retreat of the oceans left them facing perilous conditions, seemingly losing their aquatic sanctuary yet again. Rallying once more, now under the banner of the Ffolk Kingdom, the sea elves embarked on another migration. Their journey led them to the banks of the Swanmay River, where they founded Tel'Vinya their latest refuge. Embracing this new chapter, they rechristened themselves the Lys'Naara (The Riverbound).

Lir'ae Sulara

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The River Bound, Jonai's Children
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