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Regent's Field

The first major city south of the Swanmay River, Regent's Field was once a prosperous settlement known for its agrarian prowess. However, the ongoing conflict has long since washed away any remnant of the past; its fields lay barren, its infrastructure shattered and its people broken.


The inhabitants of the town can be broken firmly into two categories: those enthralled by the darkness and those working for the Kingdom of Snowdown. It is estimated that 150 men and woman live and work within the confines, each a victim of the crippling the darkness. In addition to the enthralled humans scouting reports indicate between 50-100 large humanoid creatures, likely ogres or giants of some kind that govern the city.


The inner workings of the current government remain unknown. It is theorized that the ogres and giants maintain the day to day operations of the settlement with oversight provided by the missives of Elriza who visit the city on occasion.


Many of the pre-war walls torn to shreds, Regent's field relies on traps and guards to ensure its security. The settlement is patrolled by the massive creatures that now call it home. In addition to their towering size, these parties have been reported to carry a mix of magic and mechanical weaponry.


The infrastructure of Regent's Field seemingly exists to serve the purpose of those that inhabit it. The many shops and taverns and have been repurposed or torn down to make way for larger scale workshops and bulk housing. A large forge can be seen from the city's walls, but many of the larger building interiors remain unexplored; their true purpose unknown. The giants inhabiting the city are also believed to have repurposed the town hall as a fighting pit.


Regent's Field is thought to be broken into three core districts. Manufacturing, human housing and enemy housing.  


The manufacturing district of Regent's Field contains a string of various metal and machine workshops that surround a larger forge. The forge seems connected to a sub-surface duct system, observational reports indicate that it operates at all times. Additionally, a series of heavily guarded larger warehouses have been identified within the district.  

Human Housing

The human population has been clustered into a small region of the town. The area consists of a mix of larger bunk based housing as well as smaller dilapidated homes that survived the initial incursion. It is estimated that 100-150 men and women live in this district.  

Enemy Housing

This district remains largely unexplored. Large canvas tents and massive mud huts can be seen from a distance. The townhall found in the district has been repurposed as an arena, but the majority of the structures seem to serve as housing and leisurely activites.
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