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Empire of Earth

The Empire of Earth is the central government that administers Earth and her colonies throughout the Orion Arm in the Milkyway galaxy.   The Empire of Earth, also known as the Earth empire or in daily speech simply as the Empire, is a constitutional monarchy consisting of star systems laying claim to a considerable portion of Orion's arm in the Milky Way galaxy. The Imperial senate helps the government govern the empire. The empire came about when the military took over the civilian government as the old government proved unable to prevent two civil wars.   After scientists discovered the hyperdrive, it rushed into an age of exploration and greatly lifted a burden from the solar system by giving the central government a way to combat overpopulation.


The Empire of Earth is structured so that there are two groups. The citizens are those who have served their time in the armed forces, and who have no restrictions on the government positions they can fill or the levels of government they can vote for, the civilians are slightly more limited in what government positions they can take with the position of the governor being the highest and will only be able to vote in the local elections except for emergency elections such as war.  

Government structure

Helped by the High Secretary, the Federal Judiciary and High Command, the emperor of Earth can wield the highest executive and military power with the emperor being the head of government and Commander-in-chief.


Once a planet gains a large enough population, it can apply for membership in the empire, this is mainly a formality since the planet is already subject to imperial law and under the protection of the empire but with the application, the planet will gain a seat in the Imperial Senate.  


When a new planet is discovered and certified for human settlement and slowly the population will grow, at first it will mainly be the poor that show up in hope of a new opportunity or just simply a chance to start all over again with some settlers moving off to the next newly discovered planet once the current one gets to "crowded" for them.   As the population of the planet begins to grow, the empire will dispatch advisors to the planet to help them construct a planetary government that will work within the framework of the empire.   These settlements on the edge of civilization can seem tempting to some, like merchants wanting to avoid the tariffs but being on the edge also means that they are far from the protection of the military forces of the empire and therefore are more at risk of being attacked by pirates.

Council of Governors

A Council of Governors is usually something that happens when a planet gains a big enough population with settlements all over the planet and therefore the planet is split between multiple governors that will meet in this council when deemed necessary to discuss anything from laws, to trade or to settle disputes.


The governor is an elected position that sits for 5 years each term with no limit to the number of terms although governors usually move on to other positions after 3 terms.   The position of governor is also the highest position a civilian can achieve.

Law enforcement

In theory, all colonies and settlements no matter their size is subject to Imperial law but in practice, it can be impossible to enforce the laws and they will go unenforced until someone decides to enforce them or the colony or settlement grows big enough for the Imperial law enforcement to dispatch forces to the system.


Over the centuries the cultures and ethnicities of Earth have blended so much that by now it's easier to identify by which planet the person is from than what original culture on Earth the person's ancestors might originate from.


Originally conceived as the United Nations of Earth, the UNE was formed after the original United Nations during the 21st century gained more power from its member states and began an organized colonization of the Solar System. During the 23rd century, the UNE faced multiple threats in the shape of violent movements on the outer wings of the political spectrum. These movements felt that the UNE was suppressing their rights, and the UNE was paralyzed, unable to contain the chaos that ensued once these movements officially declared war on the central government by detonating a 5-kiloton nuclear warhead in the underground system of Berlin.   Only by sheer luck was the UNE able to defeat the rebels and drive them back, but persistent and widespread chaos from the 5 years the civil war continued. Thirteen years later, a new offensive from the rebels that the UNE thought to be defeated returned, and yet again the central government was unable to contain the chaos. It was only after Arthur Drake, a general in the UNE army who was loved by the people, with the support of the people along with a handful of senators, marched into the office of the UNE president and relieved him of his duty. He assumed direct control over the government, and with this new control and competent leadership, the UNE was able to defeat the rebels once and for all.   After the war, General Drake was planning on resigning and giving the power back to the civilian government, but at the request of the population and the senate, he was asked to remain in office. In 2315, as a result of the Treaty of Earth, the UNE was transformed into the Empire of Earth.

Demography and Population

The Solar system is the most densely populated system in the empire with a population of 20 billion with another 10 billion spread out in the colonies.


As of the year 2446, the Empire of Earth maintains control over 600 worlds with populations ranging from hundreds of millions to only a few thousand.   Some of the most important worlds outside the Solar System:
  • Saintos
  • Becania
  • Galileo
  • New Roma


The military forces of the empire can be split into two main branches.  

Imperial Navy

The Imperial Navy have the responsibility to patrol the territory of the empire and if needed protect from raiding gangs of pirates or other criminal organisations.  The navy operates close to 7000 ships, but with only roughly one-third of that being what the Navy would classify as warships with the rest consisting of supply and transport ships along with auxiliary ships.   Along with the ships, the Navy also have its marine corps consisting of 50.000 marines stationed on the capital ships with another 30.000 based around the empire.

Imperial Army

In peacetime, the Imperial Army is the smallest of the two branches with less than 5 million soldiers as there is no reason to maintain a large army in peacetime. Instead the army maintains a professional core of 5 million professional soldiers but can draw support from the volunteer forces that consists of civilians entering a 2 year service period that after completion gives them the rights of a citizen.

Foreign Relations

Shortly after the end of the 2nd civil war, a research ship made first contact with the The Fersian United Commonwealth (FUC) above a planet the research ship was scanning to see if suitable for human colonisation.   With the contact of the FUC established the newly formed Empire learned about The Zeyorian Republic as well and soon enough trade between the 3 nations would slowly begin.    While the Empire maintains good relations with the Zeyorian Republic, the relations with the Fercians have cooled down over the last decades with border disputes happening often.

From the stars we came, to the stars we rise

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