Valtoria Prime

Valtoria Prime is one of the inner colonies of the Empire of Earth, the planet is located in the heart of the Orion Arm. The planet has diverse ecosystems and large seas only interrupted by five continents, this has led people to compare it to Earth and one of the countless names for the planet is Gaia's twin due to the striking resemblance of the homeworld.   The planet is known for its stunning landscape and its strategic importance, Valtoria Prime serves as a major trade hub due to its location, it is located at the maximum length it is possible for civilian FTL drives to jump.   Valtoria Prime owns its advanced infrastructure and well-planned cities since it was one of the early planets to be settled, although it was one of the last of what today is known as the inner colonies compared to the outer colonies, Valtoria Prime still have several decades if not centuries headstart. The capital city of Valtoria Prime is known as Elysium City, although the locals call it Elysium and there have been talks about changing it to just Elysium.   Elysium City the city itself is a sprawling metropolis located on the continent of Aeinia, it's the administrative centre of the planet and houses the Imperial Governors Palace, towering skyscrapers, large parks, a state-of-the-art transportation system, and renowned universities.   Valaris Port Located on the continent of Valaris, this city is the main port on the planet with a massive spaceport, both for ships that can make it planetside and in the form of a station in geostationary orbit above the city.   Fort Valtoria Located next to Valaris Port, Fort Valtoria is the main military base on the planet, containing housing and storage for both navy and army personnel.   Harmony Bay A minor city located on the continent of Zaryth, the city is well known for its tourism and resorts which are some of the most luxurious in the Empire.  


Valtoria Prime can boast of having a diverse and robust economy, It is mainly driven by technology, trade and natural resources, a lot of the advanced machinery that is used by shipyards on Mars comes from here, Likewise, the planet exports rare minerals, many which are used in the tech industry, all this is made possible by the major trade the planet does with the rest of the Empire.   An important but minor part of the planet's economy is its tourism, the beautiful landscapes and luxury resorts attract visitors from all over the Empire.  

Culture and Society

The people of Valtoria Prime are a melting pot of cultures, both of the original settlers and the new ones that emerged as humans spread out into the galaxy, to the rest of the Empire, the people of Valtoria Prime are known for their innovation and resilience.   Education: Valtoria Prime can boast of some of the best and finest educational institutions in the Empire, second only to the Sol System, the Prestigious Elysium University has been home to many of the finest in the Imperial administration, Valtoria Prime also have a Naval academy that have produced some of the best cruiser captains in the Imperial Navy and to many that wish for a cruiser command, the Naval academy of Valtoria Prime have become the place to go.   Arts and Entertainment: The planet has a vibrant arts scene, with numerous theatres, galleries, and concert halls. The annual Valtoria Film Festival is a major cultural event, attracting filmmakers and artists from across the galaxy.   Cuisine: Due to the planet's location and role as a major trade hub, the restaurants of Valtoria Prime can provide a offering of a wide range of dishes from all corners of the Empire


Valtoria Prime is a large terrestrial planet, the landmass contains a lot of varied geographies, vast oceans and large mountain ranges, deserts and lush forests.   The equatorial region of the planet is dominated by large dense tropical rainforests that slowly transforms over to more temperate forests and deserts going either north or south from the equator.  
The Cliffs of Vlaeo
  • The Cliffs of Vlaeo marks the most eastern part of the Aeonia continent.
  • The Mountains of Riena
  • The Mountains of Riena is located on the continent of Tyris, they are rich in minerals and are the longest mountain range as well as the tallest mountains, Mount Naside. 
  • Tourism

    The beautiful landscapes and luxury resorts of Zaryth attract visitors from across the Empire, contributing significantly to the planet's economy.
    Alternative Name(s)
    Gaias twin
    Owning Organization
    Orbital and Rotational Characteristics
    • Orbital period: 405 days
    • Rotational Period: 26 hours
    • Axial Tilt: 23.5 degrees
    • Distance from Star: 1.2 AU (astronomical Units)
      Physical Characteristics
    • Diameter: 13,000 kilometers
    • Gravity: 1.05 G
    • Surface Area: Approximately 510 million square kilometres
    • Atmosphere: Nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere with trace gases (78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% other gases)
    • Average Surface Temperature: 15°C
    • Climate Zones: Varied, including tropical, temperate, desert, and polar regions
    Geological Features
    • Major Continents: Aeonia, Valaris, Tyris, Dathros, Zaryth
    • Highest Peak: Mount Naside (8,400 meters above sea level, located on the continent of Tyris)
    • Largest Ocean: Oceanus Vastum, covering approximately 40% of the planet’s surface
    • Hydrology
    • Major Rivers: River Aeternus (the longest river, running 4,500 kilometres through Aeonia)
    • Major Lakes: Lake Serenus (the largest freshwater lake, located in Valaris)

    Cover image: Morning Star (Artist Concept) by NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech


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