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From high above, the sphere of white known as Glaciera looks like a white jewel of beauty.    The Settlements on Glaciera are small and far between, located near spots where the magma from the core gets close to the surface, leaving small but vital pockets of slightly warmer areas where the settlers can maintain life. The settlers' houses take the shape of dome-like structures extending deep into the ground, only leaving a disk-like roof visible on the surface.  
This planet is a frozen hell hole
- Unknown merchant
  The population of Glaciera is modest, composed of resilient individuals who have adapted to the planet's unforgiving conditions. A deep connection to the land and an innate understanding of its rhythms have allowed them to thrive in harmony with their surroundings.   Despite the harst environment of the planet, Glaciera have become infamous among the Navy is as soon after the planet were settled, a battlecruiser that were doing a patrol of the system as part of its tour suffered engine failure and crashed on the planet, but the crashsite have so far not been found, creating a fertile ground for several ghost stories and legends.


The landscape of Glaciera can best be described as a canvas with stark contrasts, there are towering spires made out of solid ice that looks blue from the reflection of sunlight. Likewise, there are deep valleys where the ice has broken forming long and dangerous rifts in the landscape.

Fauna & Flora

Iceshimmer Fliers:
Large birds that rarely land are covered in iridescent feathers that can be observed to reflect the light and, in return, create a mesmerizing display of light as they fly through the skies of Glaciera. They also have keen eyesight, allowing them to dive and grab their prey.   Glacial Hoppers:
These small, agile creatures have powerful hind legs that allow them to navigate uneven terrain easily. Their fur is vital for the human settlers and is used by the settlers to enhance the warmth of their outdoor clothes. The Iceshimmer Fliers also hunt them.
Owning Organization
Population: 5261
Discovered: 2314
Settled: 2388

Cover image: by Pablo Carlos Budassi


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