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EES Freya

EES Freya (BB-452) is a battleship of the Mythological-class currently serving in the Imperial Navy.   The frame of Freya was laid on the 6th of June, 2438, in the Olympia military complex shipyard on Mars. She would be completed two years later. A month later, after completing her fitting, she would go out on her shakedown cruise.   After completing her shakedown cruise, Freya was briefly deployed to strengthen the 6th Division, tasked with patrolling systems along the border with the Fersian United Commonwealth. In 2443, she partook in operations in the Angot system; these operations were against a pirate group that had become too bold in their attacks and had managed to steal a frigate by infiltrating the crew. Freya served primarily as an escort for the task group tasked with returning the frigate. Freya had a secondary role in the shape of being tasked with destroying the frigate if the boarding force would not be able to get it back. After a refit in early 2444, she returned to the fleet for operations under the command of her new captain.   On the sides of the ship near the front, the EES Freya has the painting of the goddess Freya painted on the hull, and it serves both as a primitive identifier of the ship and also helps the crew maintain morale in the shape the crew taking extra good care of the ship.

Power Generation

  • 2 Olympia fusion reactors


  • 2 Drake-class main engines
  • 4 Keenseeker-class sub-light engines

Weapons & Armament

  • 12 x 508mm Mark 12 rail guns in 4 turrets
  • 45 x 127mm dual-purpose guns
  • 20 x 28mm anti-starfighter guns
  • 10 torpedo tubes
16in Gun Turret by U.S. Navy

Armor and defense

  • Hull: 405mm
  • Gun turrets: 508mm
  • bridge: 373mm

Hangars & docked vessels

Contains two main hangars with space for up to 10 docked vessels.   One hangar is dedicated to the onboard complement of 5 starfighters and is located on the bottom rear of the vessel.
Creation Date
Owning Organization
19.7 billion
Class of 20
Related Technologies
40,6 meters
400 meters
75 meters
39,897 km/h (11.08 km/s) at cruising speed
Complement / Crew
2,000–2,200 (including airwing)
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
200-500 passengers


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