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The Empire of Lumiaron

The Empire of Lumiaron is geographically located on the penninsula of the Blutben and its surroundings. The most northern duchy is Laroche which is partially in the arctic circle. To the south of the Empire is large archipelago of islands, mostly inhabited by exiles from the Empire and the pirate type. Beyond that archipelago lies the open sea.  


The Empire of Lumiaron is governed by inherited titles of nobility. Titles of nobility are split into those who are landed and those who have a title only.  

Landed Noblity vs Titled Nobility

A landed noble is one who owns and administers a portion of land. There are 3 land bearing titles in the Empire:
All other nobles are not land owning titles, though these titles may come with administration privileges. The Emperor is a very special kind of Duke.
  A landed noble is held to be responsible for defense, administration and tax collection of the land he "owns". The landed noble receives taxes large in the form of rent from farmers or from the market stalls.
  A landed noble may create a lesser noble, but only of the titles beneath him in the ranking order. Only a Duke may create a landed noble by creating a new administrative area of his demesnes.
  A non-landed noble of a higher rank than a landed noble technically outranks the landed noble, however a count for example can typically bring more resources to bear than a marquis, so the marquise had best be sure that he has the backing of his Duchess if he's going to insult a Count.
  The coat-of-arms of a non-landed noble is the coat-of-arms of the landed noble who granted him the sash. Ad non-landed titles cannot be inherited, the family is not granted the right to a coat-of-arms.

Titles in Order
  1. Emperor (who is also a Duke) / Duke (Landed)
  2. Marquis
  3. Earl
  4. Count (landed)
  5. Viscount
  6. Baron (landed)
  7. Baronet
  8. Lord / lady
  9. Chevalier

Nobles wear a special kind of Sash called The Noble Sash to indicate their rank and station.  


Part of the marriage ceremonies of the Empire is the negotiation process with regards whose name and title the new couple will bear.   The partner whose rank will be conferred on the new couple is considered to get married (in the active sense). This is also called "giving the sash".   The partner who is taking the other's rank and name is considered be getting married (in the passive sense). This is also called "taking the sash."  
Children of nobles go by the generic title of lord or lady and use the sash of their parent with gules (red) chevron hatching on the borders until they reach the age of majority when they are given their own sash.  
Non-landed titles cannot be inherited.   For landed titles, the current holder may name of his blooded relatives as his heir. If the incumbent chooses not to do this, the candidates either engage in combat (lethal or non-lethal) or resolve the inheritance in some other way within two days of the death of the incumbent. If there is no resolution, the head of the local temple's monks picks the relevant candidate.  



Generally speaking, tax rates are kept low as a noble who raises his taxes too high is likely to lose his tenants to other nobles. Peasant farmers are not tied to the land and are hence free to move should a noble be considered too much of a gouge. IN the cities, the guilds will collect member dues and pay not taxes but instead, give "gifts" to keep the nobles looking in the direction the guilds want them to look. Taxes are commonly applied to ensure road and town maintenance and to support the rechtshus.
Alternative Names
The Empire
Leader Title
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
For a full run down of the currency: Money in the Empire
Judicial Body
The primary law enforcement in the empire is carried out through the Rechtshus
In the north, the system of Kymmyk Courts of Laroche is also used.
Official State Religion
Related Ranks & Titles

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