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The second rank of landed nobility in the Empire.


Must be a habieur, capable of using Habi magic.


  • Must be of the relevant bloodline
  • Must be recognized by the Duke
  • Must have be capable of using Habi
  • Must have sworn their loyalty to the Duke


The heir will swear their loyalty to the Duke in a special ritual and receive their new Sash of office in order to become the Count.


A Count is responsible for the safety and security of his county, inclusive of baronies within the county. A Count is a military leader who is expected to work with the Rechtshus to maintain law and order.


The maintenance of county armies.
Gathering of taxes and their distribution to the right places.
Settlement of disputes between Guilds.
Co-operation with the Rechtshus for the maintenance of law and order.


County holdings and lands.
Political clout

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal


Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
my lord, milord
Source of Authority
The Duke of his Duchy, Habi skills
Length of Term
For life
Reports directly to
Related Organizations

The Count Sash
An incumbent count's sash is murrey (mulberry) with triple chevronels embroidered in the ducal colors below the heart's badge. The Baron's family coat of arms and the Duchy coat of arms will always be fully manteled on the sash. Tassels will be in the baron's family colors. Triple Chevronels:

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