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The highest rank of noble in the Empire. The Emperor is also counted as a Duke, he is the first among equals when it comes to the Dukes of the Empire.

There are (counting the Emperor) only fives dukes.


A candidate must successfully complete the Trails of Dusang


A candidate must be of the relevant bloodline and be capable of using Dusang


If there are multiple candidates for a Ducal Seat, the current Duke may designate one of them as the heir and that one will inherite.
If the Duke chooses not to do this, the candidates either engage in combat (lethal or non-lethal) or resolve the inheritance in some other way within two days of the death of the incumbent.
If there is no resolution, the head of the local temple's priests picks the relevant candidate.


A Duke is responsible for the safety and security of the duchy as a whole, inclusive of counties and baronies within the duchy. A Duke is a military leader who is expected to work with the Rechtshus to maintain law and order.


The maintenance of ducal armies.
Gathering of taxes and their distribution to the right places.
Settlement of disputes between Guilds.
Co-operation with the Rechtshus for the maintenance of law and order.


Ducal holdings and lands.
Political clout

Accoutrements & Equipment

Ducal armor with the house crest on the shield, a ducal badge worn on a The Noble Sash for every day identification.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal


Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
Your Grace
Source of Authority
Trails of Dusang
Length of Term
For life
Reports directly to
Related Organizations

The Ducal Sash
An incumbent duke's sash is purple with a saltire parted fretty embroidered in the ducal colors below the heart's badge. The Ducal coat of arms and the family coat of arms will always be fully manteled on the sash. All dukes will have passed the Trials of Dusang and will therefor have a gules tassel as well as a tassel in their duchy's color. Saltire Parted Fretty:

Duchy Heralidic Colors
  • Imperial Land: Sable (Black)
  • Laroche Duchy: Azure (Blue)
  • Etendulat Duchy: Or (Yellow/Gold)
  • Tranchelag Duchy: Vert (Green)
  • Treval Duchy: Argent (Silver/White)
  • Petiser Duchy: Tenné (Tawny)

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