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Etendulat is the breadbasket of the Empire. This duchy has by far and away the richest farmland. It also contains the city of Somfaux which is the center of river barge trade as illustrated by The River Barge Way .
It is currently in a dire situation, Duke Gaspard of Eten died and he was the last person of the Line of Eten who had passed the Trials of Dusang. Eten is in a leaderless state and civil war looms.


Very heavily skewed to trade and farming


Farmlands, the trade from the city of Somfaux, the canals dug by Gravastor, the mushroom known as Svamma

Demography and Population

Population: 15 million
Somfaux: 1.5 million
Iselra: 1 million

Founding Date
2 CC
Alternative Names
deer, farmers
Leader Title
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities

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