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Introduction to Rhunec


Rhunec is a continent with a long history. Before the humans came into power, the titans had a proud and advanced civilization. The Titan War wiped them all out and left humans to rise from the ashes. That time was called the Chaos Age. Now, in the Age of Humans, Rhunec is bursting with life and enjoying a long peace. Some remnants of the Titan Age still exist. Most of the human cities today are based in old ruins of titan cities. Guardians and Tenders are titan constructs that still roam Rhunec. There are artifacts, powerful Titan objects and weapons, that are coveted, hidden away, or lost to time.   Recent events have started to disturb the long peace of Rhunec. Reports of hideous monsters are spreading from Awane. Rumours tell of ancient cults on the rise and unrest sweeping through the Guardian Cities. Tensions are creeping in and the city-states are starting to fortify themselves for trouble. These darkening times are merely the surface ripples, hinting at deeper machinery that has started to churn. Forces are gathering for violence and mayhem and long forgotten power is slowly awakening. There many that vie to control and shape the future of Rhunec, but few will truly be able to grasp the reigns of power and control the destiny of this world.  

World Introduction

Current humans have organized themselves and established strong city-states. These city-states are looked after by Tenders and many Guardians. Theses cities are:   Outside of the city-states, there are many villages and towns that are independent populations. These towns are called Cities of the Guardians. They each have a Guardian that watches over the village and protects the citizens. The Guardian often selects the next leader of the village. Large villages can have more than one Guardian.   The leaders of the city-states, in order to keep the peace and prevent war, have formed the Council of Stars. This organization meets every July in Celletia to dicuss trade, disputes, and promote the health of all. They are advised by the Guild of Oro on matters of commerce. The Guild of Oro has a strong representation of the Cities of the Guardians and are their voice on the Council.   The culture of Rhunec is based on geography and the influence of Tenders. This leads to several named regions with their unique cultures.   The Dragon Culture is found throughout The Northern Mountains, which includes Sover and Uthal.   The Wolf Culture dominates The Pine Coast which includes Krutar and The Library at Heim.   The Snake Culture is found throughout Senchineru Forest and Thousand Lakes which includes Saku and Awane.   The Kraken Culture is found in Lake Trivera region and Ponticupo Bay. These areas include the city-states Celletia and Rochia respectively.   The Tortoise Culture comes from The Flatlands and the walking city Losla.   The Golem Culture is spread throughout The Coastal Range and Allos.   Currently, there are no known land masses beyond Rhunec.

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