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Before humans, before Guardians, before the Tenders, there were the Titans. They created wonders of technology and conquered the world. They built advanced cities of glass and ice. From the Guardians keeping watch over the towns, to the massive Tenders that roam the mountains and forests, the legacy of the Titans cast a long shadow.   Beneath the beauty and technology lies a darkness. Scars from a terrible war, the decimation of an entire race. The humans of Rhunec continue to bask in a veneer of peace and advancement, unaware of the threats lurking beneath the surface. Will they ever escape the Shadow of the Titans?  

Rhunec is developed as a TTRPG. The rules and structure are loosely based on Pathfinder with a lot of home brew tweaks. Enjoy!   Summary of Rhunec Is a great place to start.

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Shadow of the Titans

Homebrew / In Development

A Godslayer has risen and is slowly corrupting the world, will you stand against the rising tide? Or join in the ending of all things?

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