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Senchineru Forest

Reaching from the Eastern coast of Rhunec to Lake Trivera and south towards The Coastal Range and Thousand Lakes, the Senchineru Forest is ancient and formidable. The trees are outrageously large with some towering hundreds of feet high. In some places the canopy blocks out the sun and danger can thrive on the shadowy forest floor. Saku is in the eastern portion of the forest on the edge of Ogabi Lake. Other small villages carve out a living in this plant dominated land. They export the most wondrous woods and raw materials. Bows are a speciality of the area, with Great Oak Bows being the most sought after. Leaders in the Saku military are given bows from the Queen Oak in the middle of the city.   The forest also hides many ruins from the Titan Age. The bravest souls will explore the overgrown remnants and bring back puzzling objects made with no known techniques. Some do not come back at all.

Included Locations

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