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Guild of Oro

There is a strong merchants guild in Rhunec, called the Guild of Oro. The Guild of Oro has their headquarters in Celletia. They are represented by a golden tree with seven branches on a black field surrounded by a gold border. There is a Guild of Oro house in every town and large holdings in each city. An Oro House is a local area of trade where craftsmen can sell their goods and general supplies can be purchased. Craftsmen often have the title of Oro Associate so that they can sell their items directly to customers.There are caravans that travel constantly to each town and city. It is easy to ride with a caravan, especially if an offer of protection is thrown in to pay for the transport. The Guild of Oro not only runs caravans, but they are the governing body for trade in Rhunec. This control allows the Guild of Oro to enforce fair prices, settle disputes, and ensure a high standard of quality for goods across Rhunec.   Each type of trade is governed by a branch of the Oro. The branches of the Oro are as follows:

  • Arms and Armor
  • Magical Items
  • Alchemic Items
  • General Goods
  • Gems and Jewelry
  • Agricultural Items
  • Raw Materials

Arms and Armor

Represented by the golden tree with crossed swords beneath it, the Arms and Armor branch of the Guild of Oro includes smiths, fletchers, leather workers, and traders. The Arms and Armor branch is based in Sover, where most weaponry in Rhunec is made.  

Magical Items

Magical items include runes, runestones, and special materials to draw glyphs. They also sell spell books and tomes if the one you are looking for cannot be found in the local library. The symbol of this branch is the golden tree with the five basic runes inscribed on it. The Magical Items branch has their headquarters in Uhtal, where most rune-stones are mined.  

Alchemic Items

Alechemic items include ingredients, potions, poisons, and raw materials such as vials or containers. The headquarters for the Alchemic Items branch is in Awane, where most ingredients can be found in abundance. The symbol for this branch includes the golden tree with three vials beneath.  

General Goods

General goods includes clothing, rope, torches, small food items, odds and ends. Often General Good stores can have other items if there are local craftsmen. General Goods stores can be small, as in one of the Guardian's Cities, or large and extravagant as in Allos. The General Goods branch is arguable the most powerful. The have the ability to grant store permits and to remove licenses. General Goods can sell any of the other kind of goods if there is not a specialized branch shop in the same area. The headquarters for the General Goods branch is in Rochia because it is the epicenter of trade and travel in Rhunec. This branch is symbolized by the golden tree with a set of scales beneath.  

Gems and Jewelry

Gems and jewelry includes....gems and jewelry. The Gems and Jewelry branch is headquartered in Krutar. This is because the largest gem stone mines are located around the Heim Volcano. The Gems and Jewelry branch is represented by the golden tree of Oro with a faceted gem beneath.  

Agricultural Items

This includes all sorts of food stuff, wine, grain, meat, vegetables, beer, and fruit. The breadbasket of Rhunec is the Lake Trivera region, so naturally, the headquarters for this branch is in Celletia. The branch for Agricultural Items is represented by the golden tree with crossed stalks of wheat beneath it.  

Raw Materials

Raw materials is everything a craftsmen needs to make finished goods. Iron, wool, leather, steel, clay, stone, wood, etc. Raw materials is the largest branch of the Guild with major headquarters in every city. They handle the large movement of goods throughout Rhunec. You need 50 tons of marble from Allos? You need 100 lengths of timber from Saku? Raw Materials Branch have you covered. They are predominately business to business operations and do not generally have stores open to the public. If a craftsmen needs raw materials, they put in an order at the General Goods store and have the materials shipped to them on the next caravan. Raw Materials branch is represented by the golden tree with crossed ax and hammer beneath it.


The Guild of Oro operates like a true democracy. Each member has a vote for their branch's leaders and for the leaders of the Guild. Every year, there is a large Meet where each member of the Guild can vote on the next leaders of the Guild. If a member cannot attend, they can vote by signed letter declaring their vote. The Guild acts as the only voice of the Guardian's Cities in Rhunec.

Public Agenda

The goal of the Guild of Oro is to link every town and city into a giant trade network. Thus far successful, the Guild now oversees a large trade network that spans Rhunec.

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