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Home of the Thieves Guild and the Merchant Guild, along with the Council of Stars headquarters. The City of Glass is a bustling city and the center of trade and commerce. The city of glass is called such because of its beautiful stained glass and the Titan remnant, a giant glass structure that houses the Town Hall, the Merchant Guild, the Council, and other guilds. Every year, the city holds glass blowing and glass staining competitions. The Glass Palace is lit up with thousands of candles, to make the whole structure glow from within. Celletia is mostly influenced by the Kraken culture but is a melting pot for all cultures.  



Clothing and Armor


Most residents of Celletia are part of the Kraken Culture and would identify as Celletians. However, due to its place as the hub of trade, there are people here from all over Rhunec. However, there is not a lot of room on the island. The residents are elitist and only native born people are allowed to make their home on Celletia. Small suburbs and bergs of Celletia have sprung up around the shore of Lake Trivera as a consequence.


Celletia is governed by the Montaggio of Celletia. A governing body plucked from the richest residents. The Guild of Oro and The Ladri both manage to get representatives on the Montaggio. However, you wouldn't be able to tell which member was part of The Ladri.


Celletia is the center of trade for Rhunec. Trivera River is the main artery for goods to reach Cellestia and then be distributed to the inland communities. The Trivera River is the only river deep enough to hold sea faring ships and with the Ship Lift they are able to transfer from sea to river and travel to Celletia.   Celletia is also home to the Guild of Oro and the meeting place of the Council of Stars. This makes it a large hub for commerce and governance. Each of the main nine cities has a contingency here.   The Ladri also make their home here. They thrive off the underbelly of the commercial bustle and even show a legitimate face as mercenaries for hire.   A lot of citizens find work as ferrymen or ship crews. More wealthy residents own shipping companies and are a part of the Guild of Oro.

Guilds and Factions

Cellestia is home to many different organizations. These include Guild of Oro, Council of Stars, and The Ladri.


The Island of Celletia is dominated by the Glass Palace. A remnant of the Titans, this massive structure is made of a glass like substance that is stronger than steel. Many speculate that it is similar to the stalise from the Pine Coast, but no craftsperson has been able to make stalise do THAT.   As a result, the architecture in Celletia is dominated by designs that try to mimic the Glass Palace and its graceful lines. Though unable to replicate the material of the glace palace, many have tried. The buildings of Celletia are often clean and simple in design but tall and slender. The more elaborate homes or halls have spires and flying buttresses.


Celletia is located in the middle of Lake Trivera on an island that is 10 miles across. The city covers the entire island with farms and other industrial areas on the opposite shores of the lake. The city is completely surrounded by docks to receive goods and people from all over Rhunec. The island is slightly raised in the middle where the large guild halls and commercial center can be found. The weather is relatively mild with a rainy and dry season. The surrounding area is known for its rich soil and is known as the bread basket of Rhunec.

Natural Resources

Celletia is in the middle of the most dense agricultural area in Rhunec. Farms producing grain, vegatables, fruits, and livestock stretch over the rolling green hills. Lake Trivera and Trivera River provide the area with fish.

Within Celletia

Glass Palace
Guild of Oro
The Ladri
Council of Stars
Alternative Name(s)
The City of Glass
Inhabitant Demonym
The residents of Celletia are called Celletians.
Location under
Lake Trivera
Owning Organization
Montaggio of Celletia

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