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The Pine Coast

So called because of its thick coniferous forests, the Pine Coast is the northernmost coastal region in Rhunec. It borders the merciless Fryst Sea. It stretches from the north east border of the Senchineru Forest and north of the The Northern Mountains. This area is constantly shrouded in snow, mist, and experiences continuous night during the winter or continuous day during the summer. Conquering the Heim is held during the summer solstice when it is light for 24 hours, allowing competitors enough time to climb The Heim Volcano and return in the light.   The Pine Coast is famous for its export of furs and gems. The large beasts that roam the snow silent forests have pelts of white fur that are coveted throughout Rhunec. The gems come from many small mines that dot The Heim Volcano. The volcano holds immense viens of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. Most of the gems in Rhunec come from Krutar.   All along the Pine Coast, most people huddle together in small villages near natural resources. The winters are brutal, filled with endless night and blizzards that can bury a village in an instant. The people of this region are hearty and incredibly tight knit - survival often depends on the strength of those around you. The environment of the Pine Coast has the largest influence on the Wolf Culture that is found in this region.   The Pine Coast is dominated by the Wolf Culture with a secondary influence of Dragon Culture.   The Guardians in this region take forms of various tundra dwellers including snow foxes, white wolves, sea lions, owls, whales, and snowshoe hares.

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Cover image: Conifer Winter Forest by Will Hammes


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