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Conquering the Heim

Every year in Krutar, young girls and boys who wish to become adults in the eyes of the Wolf, must complete a harrowing challenge. They must climb to the top of the Heim and then sled down the other side. In one day. To accomplish this, many leave in the early morning, when the sky is still dark, so that they deadly descent is during the light of day. If they succesfuly make it down, then they are considered full grown and can take on apprenticeships. Deaths do occur, when the youths are not prepared or do not start early enough.


Conquering the Heim dates back centuries. The stories say that Eldingar the Wolf tested the First Elder of Krutar to this same challenge.

Components and tools

Each person attempting the challenge must carry their own sled all the way to the top of the Heim, pick up a piece of obsidian from the top, and sled down with their piece. They present it to the elders at the bottom to become full adults.


Young people who wish to become full members of society. They come from all over the Pine Coast.


Conquering the Heim is held every year on day of the Summer Solstice, so that the participants have the most time possible to complete the challenge.

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The Heim Volcano
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