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Allos is made up of a series of small hills and peninsula. With a bit of imagination, the geography looks like that of a woman sleeping on her side. The city is broken up into different locations based on this imagery. The Consortium is on her hip while the Colosseum is on her arm. The Citadel is on her shoulder while the Platea is in the circle of her arm and chest, next to her face. Affectionately called Non, the people of Allos have even created gardens to simulate hair while carving and decorating a face into the hill side.  


  The golems that are used in battle work the same way. People take artistic liberty and some of the golems are works of art. Some are used in plays and festivals. They dance through the streets with people in a giant parade through the city.   There are weekend fights that culminate in the Tournament of Champions during the Grande Festival. The reigning champion is a kraken golem, Sharvani, the six armed goddess. She is piloted by Fara. A lot of pilots wear costumes that match or copy some aspect of their golem. Fara wears a mask with four faces on it (front, right, left, back of her head), the same four faces as Sharvani.   The culture here is the Golem culture, which is inspired by latin language and Roman customs.  


The inspiration for Allos is the Roman empire, mediterranean culture.  


The coinage here is the stella golem. The economy here is mostly based on tourism. People from all over the world gather for the festivals and golem fights. The Enchanting Consortium has its home here. Items can be enchanted for a fee.  

Armor and Clothing

Toga! Toga!  


Locations of Interest

Enchanting Consortium
The Armo of Non
Alternative Name(s)
The City of Golems
Location under
The Coastal Range
Included Locations
Owning Organization
Republic of Allos
Characters in Location
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