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Battlegroup Contingents of Her Lady's Cavalry


There are two Cavalry Wings in Her Lady's Cavalry, the Royal Dragoons of the Left-Wing and the Shardknights of the Right-Wing-. Together, they makeup one of the most highly-trained military units on the continent and are unparalleled masters of the saddle. They often operate independently of one another with the Shardknights dedicated to the defense of the Shardlands' border and Royal Dragoons focusing on the military infrastructure maintained by Her Lady's Cavalry. The Right-Wing is considered by many to be the more prestigious of the two cavalry wings while the Left-Wing is recognized as a vital, if less illustrious, role.

A Cavalry Wing is comprised of no less than two Cavalry Lances with no less then one hundred Cavalrymen each. One Lance Corporal is assigned to every twenty-five Cavalrymen, who reports to one of four Wing Sergeants. They are the standard battlegroup of Her Lady's Cavalry used to accomplish assigned goals swiftly and with absolute precision. A Cavalry Major always commands the Right-Wing, which deploys as a highly autonomous unit to the farthest reaches of Shardholm's territories as a border guard. During the seasonal storms that flood the Verdant Expanse, the light cavalry of the Left-Wing takes over these border patrol duties. When not patrolling the border, The Cavalry Captain of the Royal Dragoons leads his men in maintaining the infrastructure and support network that binds the Shards as one. They serve as Shardholm's messengers, mobile garrison forces, its intercity patrols, and local adjudicators for the Shards.
Once the Wings of Shardholm fought not just for its mere safety but the very survival of the City of the Shards. We bled and died so that no citizen would ever live in fear of a rising horde. Yet, in return for our indomitable courage and selfless sacrifices, we were relegated to the coldest, wettest reaches of the Shardlands or forced to serve as simple messengers and paltry guards. Still, we did not complain nor utter a dissent. That is what it truly means to be a Cavalryman, to serve and protect without thought for one's self or position. Unquestioning loyalty, always.
— Ex-Captain Aldus Morlan, On the current state of Her Lady's Cavalry

General Information

Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Parent Formation
Commanded By
A Cavalry Major or Cavalry Captain under the orders of the Commandant of the Cavalry.
Equivalent To
  • Infantry Company
  • Naval Squadron
Alternative Name(s)
The Wings of Shardholm, Right-Wing, Left-Wing.

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