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Shard Major

Field Officers


Shard Majors are the standard field officers in Shardholm's formal navy and military. They hold a similar position as Lieutenants, acting as liaisons of either Central Command or the Naval High Command but with the added resonsibility on leading much like a Captain. Included alongside all of the duties of a Captain, Majors must attend regular command meetings and coordinate with the other units to achieve the edicts handed down directly from Brigadiers and Marshals. They spend comparatively less time with their men than Captains but are still considered the last ranking officer that regularly deploys into the field. Majors rarely stay in one place and periodically move around with their troops as either garrison forces or as a part of prolonged military operations. Majors have a high degree of operational latitude, allowing them to make unilateral decisions to complete their directives without fear of the severe repercussions seen with Captains.
A Major's regalia is only slightly different from a Captain's, including the same gold-trimmed royal-blue officers attire, officer's overcoat, polished black leather boots, and broad swordbelt. Their officer's coat is considerably longer than a Captain's and gives them their nickname: Long Coats. The coat is of finer quality than other officer's uniforms with a velvet lining and large cuffs held back by silver cufflinks. In the hot and wet summer months, Majors may replace their overcoats with a waterproof shoulder cape of similarly high quality with the insignia of their service branch emblazoned in silver upon its dark navy surface. They replace their Captain's gold and crimson aiguilette with twin braided cords of gold and blue, each ending with either a gold or silver spearhead. They loop their gold-tipped aiguillette through their dedicated shoulder loop while tucking their silver-tipped aiguillette into a small eyelet on their officer's overcoat. They also replace their silver Lieutenant's spearhead with a golden Major's spearhead, while placing their Lieutenant's badge to either their left shoulder or to their hat. The Captain's tricorn hat continues to be used by Majors with little change beyond the optional use of their Lieutenant's pin adorning the hat beside the its vibrant blue and crimson cockade.

General Information

Civic, Military, Commissioned
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Long Coats
Source of Authority
As a senior officer, Majors are appointed directly by a Field Marshal or Grand Admiral.
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations
Related Military Formations
All Majors are required to serve 15 years in the armed forces and attend Shardholm's Officer's Academy for a minimum of 6 years.

Included Ranks
  • Commadore
  • Major
  • Cavalry Major

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