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Shard Colonel

High Field Officers


Shard Colonels are the highest-ranking field officers in Shardholm's formal navy and military. They are the highest-ranking commander present in the field and organize command posts wherever they deploy to establish communications and supply lines with Central Command or the Naval High Command. They are predominantly an administrative role, dealing with the supply lines and logistics of deploying men outside Shardholm's walls. Brigadiers relegate their combat duties to directing grand strategy, coordinating the movement of thousands of troops, and maintaining a military campaign. They are ultimately responsible for establishing law and order among their forces and are encouraged to use a harsh hand to instill obedience. Thus they are also responsible for punishing the failures of their subordinate officers as their intense reliance on Majors, Captains, and their support staff requires everyone adhere to the same rules and regulations. They form the military courts used in the discipline of unruly soldiers and hand down the fair and just punishments derived from Shardholm's Code of Conduct. Their command posts offer them comfortable and private living quarters, while command provides them an ample residence when they stay within Shardholm. Additionally, all Hulmsworn within Shardholm are considered to hold the rank of Colonel in their armed forces and may commandeer any military unit under the authority of Lady Holm should the need arise.
Colonels wear a senior officer's uniform in the same royal-blue shade as other officers but made of more exquisite cloth and well-tailored to accentuate their form. They have a similarly high-quality overcoat and in the hot and wet summer months, Colonels may replace their overcoats with a waterproof shoulder cape of exquisite quality with the insignia of their service branch emblazoned in gold upon its dark navy surface. A silver gorget hangs across their breast, adorned with the sigil of their respective service branch. They continue to wear their blue and gold Major's aiguillettes alongside their golden spearhead and bar pins. Their tricorn hate features the same service pin and optional Lieutenant's spearhead but replaces their blue and crimson cockade with a blue and gold one to match their officer's cords. Their uniforms also include a long, decorative saber worn at the hip and personalized as a method of identifying individual Colonels.

General Information

Civic, Military, Commissioned
Form of Address
Source of Authority
As a senior officer, Colonels are appointed directly by a Field Marshal or Grand Admiral.
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations
Related Military Formations
All Majors are required to serve 18 years in the armed forces and attend Shardholm's Officer's Academy for a minimum of 8 years.

Included Ranks
  • Navarch
  • Colonel
  • Commandant of the Cavalry

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