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Shard Brigadier

Leaders of Shardholm's Armed Forces


Shard Brigadiers are the highest-ranking general officers in Shardholm's formal navy and military. Only two Brigadiers are ever in service at any one time, with a Brigadier General to head Her Lady's Military at Central Command and a Brigadier Admiral to head the Shardholm Navy at the Naval High Command. These officers rarely leave the walls of Shardholm and coordinate their military efforts with city officials and Lady Holm's personal advisors. They are often logistical masterminds, orchestrating supply lines that stretch across the Verdant Expanse and a communication network that allows edicts to disperse across the Shardlands in just a few short days. During The Fall, these officers were instrumental in securing the safety of Shardholm by waging a brutal and bloody war against the Unfallen. Their military acumen saw the wholesale slaughter of Unfallen hordes before they reached the walls of the city. In the new age of The Rebirth, they have used these same tactics to secure the Shardlands from outside invaders and have done little to curb hostilities with the Unfallen of Grinwalde. The rivalry that exists between the navy and military is seen best among the Brigadiers who regularly clash for scraps of prestige and feigned victory over one another. A conflict only further exacerbated by their subordinants.
Brigadier uniforms, cut from an exquisite waterproof cerulean cloth, are neat and rigid with platinum trim and silver clasps. Their attire commands respect and brings an air of solemnity to those who wear it. Like most high officers, their overcoats are of excellent quality and may be replaced in the hot and wet summer months with a long waterproof shoulder cape emblazoned with their service branch in platinum thread. They swap their Colonel's silver gorget with one of gold with the same sigil denoting their service branch etched into the metal. They also trade their blue and gold Major's aiguillettes for ones of silver and gold, each now tipped with a platinum spearhead. They proudly display their gold Major's spearhead and silver Lieutenant's spearhead on either shoulder of their officer's overcoat or the sides of their bicorn hats. They also place their golden Sergeant's bar upon their bicorn hats, directly across their silver and gold cockades that replaces the blue and gold of a Colonel's. Finally, their uniform ends with a decorative sword said to have been passed down Brigadier to Brigadier since Shardholm's Refounding after The Fall.

General Information

Civic, Military, Commissioned
Form of Address
Your Lordship
Source of Authority
As senior-most officer, Brigadiers are appointed directly by a Field Marshal or Grand Admiral.
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations
All Brigadiers are required to serve 18 years in the armed forces and attend Shardholm's Officer's Academy for a minimum of 8 years.

Included Ranks
  • Brigadier General
  • Brigadier Admiral

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