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Large Contingents of Her Lady's Cavalry


The largest division of Her Lady's Cavalry in Shardholm, a Battalion, is composed of between 250 and 500 Shardknights and Royal Dragoons. Rarely does the Battalion see use on the field of battle, and instead, smaller divisions of Wings and Lances deploy to accomplish the Cavalry's goals. A Cavalry Battalion is significatnly smaller than a Regiment but also contains a considerable contingent of support staff, requiring dozens of staff to care for horses and maintain equipment. Because of this, Her Lady's Military often enfolds the Cavalry into a dedicated Support Brigade. Since The Rebirth saw the Cavalry religated to border patrols, they have almost exclusively grown to fill this role alongside their duties protecting the Shardlands' borders.

A Cavalry Battalion is made-up of two Wings composed of four Cavalry Lances. They are structured differently than infantry Regiments, with a Lance Corporal for every twenty-five Cavalrymen and a Wing Sergeant for every two Corporals. They lack the cohesion of Infantrymen Squads but make up for their large unit sizes with intense standardize training, seamless cooperation, and an unwavering sense of duty and dedication to Shardholm.

Commandant Galvin's Cavalry Battalion thundered down the plains hundreds strong. A roaring wave of hoof, metal, and fortitude that made the earth tremble and quake with their passing. Few are foolish enough to encroach on Shardholm's territory while the mighty Shard Cavalry patrols the Shardlands.
— Trade-Knight Gustus, During an interview on the state of the Shardlands

General Information

Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Parent Formation
Commanded By
The Commandant of the Cavalry under the direct orders of a Brigadier General.
Equivalent To
  • Infantry Regiment
  • Naval Flotilla

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