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Shard Serviceman

Shardholm's Backbone


The Shard Servicemen makeup the lowest ranking soldiers within Shardholm's formal military and navy, though they go by different names in each. They are paid a modest wage in silver, provided suitable barrack accommodations, and promised two warm meals a day. Because of this, military life is considered one of the most stable professions in the city. They are responsible for maintaining the peace of Shardholm and the surrounding countryside, acting as the city's police force. There are many rivalries between the different branches of Servicemen, the most apparent being the one between the Navy's Seamen and the Infantrymen of Her Lady's Military. Both groups insist that their service is the most vital to the grand city's continued existence, and many drunken Servicemen have come to blows in the effort to prove their point. Thus many of Shardholm's taverns and drinking establishments exclusively serve either Infantrymen or Seamen.
Their common Tinmen nickname comes from their military uniform worn by all Servicemen, composed of a metal cuirass worn over simple commoners clothes and a pair of durable leather boots. Knowledgeable folk can quickly identify the length and difficulty of a soldier's career based on the shine of their cuirass' metal and the number of dents that mar its surface. The polished metal that makes up a Serviceman's cuirass quickly dulls with time, with most veteran sporting dull armor worn by the coastal winds and the color of wrought iron.

General Information

Civic, Military, Not Commissioned
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Length of Term
Minimum 5 year enlistment.
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations
Related Military Formations
Included Ranks
  • Seaman
  • Infantryman
  • Cavalryman

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