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Shard Corporal

Low-Ranking Officers


Shard Corporals are the lowest ranking officers in Shardholm's formal navy and military. Each is responsible for the safety and well-being of up to a dozen subordinates within an assigned Squad or Lance. The equivalent rank within the navy is not considered a proper officer and instead denotes trusted and veteran Seamen who are well-accustomed to life aboard a ship. They make sure their soldiers get the food, equipment, and downtime necessary to keep them in fighting shape. They are both frontline commanders and pillars of law and order, in charge of keeping the gears of civilization turning. They handle much of the day to day investigative duties of Shardholm's police garrison, expected to hand out fair and just punishments to wrongdoers. Well compensated for their efforts, Corporals can support families on their generous stipend but rarely get to see their families due to their taxing workloads. The military provides Shard Corporals with the best barrack accommodations available to ease this strain.
They are known as Spearheads by civilians and Servicemen alike due to the spear-shaped insignia that denotes their rank. They are the first rank provided a proper military uniform composed of a sharp royal-blue outfit with bronze trim and a set of polished black leather boots and a belt. Corporals pin their silver badge of rank to their right shoulders, and it is a feature only added to by higher-ranking insignias. These polished badges made of pure silver are quite valuable and, sadly, often are pawned by the desperate and foolish, though doing so will quickly see them drummed out of the service and disgraced among the commonfolk.

General Information

Civic, Military, Not Commissioned
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Length of Term
Requires a minimum 5 year reenlistment.
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations
Related Military Formations
Included Ranks
  • Midshipman
  • Corporal
  • Lance Corporal

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