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Small Contingents of Her Lady's Cavalry


Lances are the smallest division of Cavalry units used by Her Lady's Cavalry. They are experienced soldiers who arose out of the tumultuous years of The Fall and have taken on a more logistical role in the wake of The Rebirth. They are the strong arm of Her Lady's Military and instill law and order in the frontier of the Shardlands. Within a Wing, Lances deploy no more than two days ride from each other and patrol the burgeoning roads and military fortifications that dot the Shardlands. In times of crisis when a Shards calls for dire aid, Her Lady's Cavalry can conscript retired and reserve personnel across the region to form a Half-Lance comprised of fifty Cavalrymen to answer the call. These temporary Half-Lances, commanded by a single Lance Corporal, are a recent development designed to support the Shards farthest from Shardholm's protective embrace. When a Shards requires immediate aid, all they need do is light a signal fire, and Cavalrymen across the Shardlands will take up arms and rush to their aid. These carefully distributed reserve personnel allow for Half-Lances to form up much faster than standard Lances, with immense planning and training going into assuring no Shards goes without help. These minutemen Half-Lances are vital to the prosperity of the Shardlands as ancient dangers, and forgotten evils rise anew in the age of The Rebirth.
No less than one hundred Cavalrymen comprise a Lance, commanded by a Wing Sergeant and their four to five subordinate Lance Corporals. Alongside their mounts, full Lances often come in tandem with several support staff units from farriers to quartermasters. Half-Lances lack the support train usually trailed by a Cavalry Lance, each of their fifty Cavalrymen is personally responsible for their mounts and equipment. Once every month, Half-Lances across the Shardlands convene in the plains to conduct combat drills, resharpen their skills, and establish new rallying points to form up at in the event of a call-to-arms.

General Information

Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Command Hierarchy
1 Wing Sergeant
4-5 Lance Corporals
100-125 Cavalrymen
Half-Lance Hierarchy
1 Lance Corporal
50 Cavalrymen
Commanded By
A Wing Sergeant under the direct orders of a Cavalry Major or Cavalry Captain.
Half-Lance Command
The senior-most Lance Corporal to answer the call or, barring that, the senior Cavalryman.
Equivalent To
  • Infantry Squad
  • Naval Crew

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