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Blue Willowtree's Home

Accommodations in Glarn varies and while inns are of a good standard, not everyone can afford their prices. At Blue Willowtree's Home, no one needs to pay any steep prices to house under a roof. Some might find it meagre to be staying there. But it is in a category of its own compared to the inns and taverns, I would dare write it is closer to a monastery's accommodations. The acolytes of Krakros, priests of Rhyn and priestess of Nilari offer an assortment of services beyond lodging and food. That might be why I prefer this unique experience of cooperation between all of them, and between races.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Glarn is the largest town in Marlun and the first one travellers probably arrives at thus it has several places of lodging and accommodations. Many inns and taverns are excellent choices for them with the coin for it. Those without usually have to rely on the hospitality of others or the Nilarian church that also acts as a hospital.
In Glarn there is another alternative, Blue Willowtree's Home. This large building acts as a place for lodging for all from the peasant to nobility if they ever so desire. It also has a policy of being non-discriminatory, thus both Humans and Demons are welcome inside the warm walls of this religious establishment, founded by the most interesting of parings of faith.

Faiths and Races meet - History

Blue Willowtree's Home is the combined establishment of mainly two Gods' followers, Rhyn's Worshippers of Rhyn and Krakros' Creidembsa. Nilari's church in Glarn also supports this with their own priestess that works in conjunction with the Rhynic priests and Krakrosien acolytes, adepts and priests.
The two founding groups saw the need for lodging after the The War for Marlun had once again gone through the town and serious damage had been done. Many demons had suffered and prejudices were high which the religious organisations of Creidembsa and Rowinian refugees specifically from Worshippers of Rhyn reach out to each other. They decided to build Blue Willowtree's Home, named after the tree on the Rowinian banner and the chosen colour of Krakros. The purpose was to offer shelter for the ones who had little or none and to travellers with little funds. The home has since acted as a location for all, demon, human and Dwarf alike. Decades later in 2021 the local Nilarian church began to aid in the endeavour and began to share the common agenda of the Home.

The People and Staff at Home

A long time has passed since the original proprietors left the establishment but their will have continued in spirit. Many of the priests of Rhyn are descendants of the Rowinian refugees while the acolytes of Krakros are all local men as well. The distribution of faith among the staff has varied over time. At the current time, there are six Rhynic priests and their four disciples, five acolytes and priests of Krakros and four aides and priestess of Nilari that aids the other two denominations. The head of the Home, Willem Jordheart, is a human higher priest of Rhyn while his second is Mardem Cultt, the demon head priest of Krakros and representative of Creidembsa in Glarn.
Giving shelter is our prime objective. The payment is more than fair if you ask me when the inn on the other side of the street wants ten copper for a place in the common room, and not in a bed.
— Willem Jordheart


Blue Willowtree's Home
Blue Willowtree's Home is an establishment of lodging and accommodations for travellers and the sick. The establishment offers free lodging for travellers in need of a place to stay in the city of Glarn.   The map is made with Dungeonfog and with assets from both the free and premium versions. Several assets are made by Creora and Tom Cartos.

Services and layout

The Home's main form of service is that of shelter and warmth. There are nearly always beds available for a low price and room to be made for travellers in the sleeping hall of the common room. In the gathering hall, there are tables and chairs for relaxation and food service. The kinds of food available vary but most of the time the priests make porridge from wheat or Glarn wheat. Soups made on vegetables and fats are common too while meat is very rare and only served on special occasions of acquisition by the staff. Water is freely available for travellers but the ones that can pay a price can get beer that is produced in the Home's basement. Sometimes the Rhynic disciples or the Nilarian aides sing in the common area to entertain the guests.
The sick who can't afford doctors or healers can find a bed and help in the Sicks' Ward and are ushered inside with haste when they arrive. Due to inherited knowledge from the original Krakrosian priests, the ward was built with the knowledge that the sick should be separated from the healthy. The doors to the ward are always locked so that the sick does not leave until they are healthy again or ask to leave. A late addition is a door directly leading into the Sicks’ Ward that is now used as the main door for sick newcomers. The priests manufacture their own medicine in the basement from herbs.
The priest staff have their accommodations in a separate building with living quarters and the kitchen. This building usually is only for the priests just like the temple area that was built next to the Sicks' Ward as a seperate building. In the basement, there are several storerooms for food, extra furniture and other materials. A laboratory and a brewery room are located almost immediately when one walks down the stairs. For more esteemed guests of honour or visitors to the priests, there are two private rooms ready to be made here. There is also the crypt that the priests use for their dead, spanning several generations of the Home's staff.
Date of Construction
1901 V.D
Rhynic priests, Krakrosien acolytes and Nilarian priestesses
Permenent inhabitants
10 Rhynic priests and diciples
5 Krakrosien acolytes and priests
Keepers of the Home
Willem Jordheart (Higher Priest of Rhyn) Mardem Cultt (Head Priest of Creidembsa)
Lodging – 2 copper
Warm bath – 10 copper
Foods and drink
Porridge – 4 copper
Soup – 2 copper (free for the sick)
Beer – 20 copper
Discussion of faith aside, Krakros takes anyone under His arms just like Rhyn does. Race would not matter in others' eyes if it was not for the war. Now, excuse me while I return to my studies...
— Mardem Cultt

God or Goddess of Healing?

The story with Willowtree's Blue Home is of both the want to aid and the meeting of two faiths. But there has been a discussion amongst the cults that work in the establishment and outside of it on who is the God of healing. While Rhyn and Krakros usually are not considered into the role of healing or health, the priesthood on both sides in Glarn have stated the thought of either God being just that. The Nilarian Church and The Eight Pantheons, on the other hand, do in fact state that Nilari is considered the Goddess of health and healing. There are also some that have said that Askersound has the chosen duty as the God of health. A conclusion to whom has the role will probably not be found soon but the discussion continues inside the Home and outside as far as to Nilaminra.

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Plot Hooks

Lodging entertainment — Blue Willowtree's Home is a location that offers lodging but lacks the entertainment that other establishments have. Most of all is that the priests have also had a stressful time during the late siege of Glarn and need some relaxation. Willem Jordheart, the current Rhynic leader, has tried to approach this shortage but come up empty-handed. He has heard of a musican that lives in Glarn and that entertain around the town's taverns. Having him for a night might bring much-needed entertainment in the dark times that are ahead for the town? Or if a group of adventurers can come up with anything else he might be as happy for it?
Disease and hope — The Home is in need of ingredients that they don't have, notably a Snow Liley that is located in Jorvemland all too far for any one person to travel within the weeks needed. However, there is a substitute, or so speculates the Head Priest of Krakros Mardem. If one locates the seeds of a Shiver Longing in the eastern mountains of Marlun or, if lucky, from a merchant or explorer from that region. The seeds will help a child and her mother's sickness or at the very least lessen the symptoms. There are other ingredients needed as well both for medicine and experimenting with beer production. Is there anyone willing to take up the task?

Cover image: Marlun Expanse Header by A of Worldkeymaster (Artbreeder)


Author's Notes

Here we are again with a challenge article! I would love to have feedback on what you like but most importantly what you miss or want to know more about. I might not be able to fit it all, but want to give a good article for all to read.
Now that I also updated the map, I want to know if there is anything you feel is odd or missing with it! Feedback people!

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16 Mar, 2022 19:40

Love the quotes and plot hooks and the map! even some rumors on the sidebar which is good!, Overall this article is a good one, Do want to know more about the staff and what the tavern serves ( food and drink ) but yeah this article was good!

26 Mar, 2022 15:53

Hello, thanks for the feedback! I have now added some quotes and more clearly the available food and drink. It is now much better and clearer thanks to you.   The staff part might be a much later addition when I am more clear on the religious part of my world. But you can read more about the two leaders by hovering your cursor over their names in the toolbar!

Worldkeymaster, also known as A of Worldkeymaster.
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23 Mar, 2022 22:15

The quotes really help give this place a lively feel, I really like that. While the place is cheap, I'd gladly pay extra myself if I can afford it, to help support the good they do with the sick.   The minimum zoom level makes it a bit hard to navigate the map, perhaps change that and connect the map labels to a marker group? That way someone can disable them when looking at a zoomed-out map, or see them zoomed in a bit and click them for more info.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
26 Mar, 2022 15:56

Thanks for the comment and feedback. Glad that you would want to pay more for the good cause that they try to push for!   The zoom level has now been "upgraded" and I can admit in hindsight that it was a bit too hard to navigate. Also, map labels which I had no idea how it worked and did not use, so thanks for that!

Worldkeymaster, also known as A of Worldkeymaster.
You are welcome to explore Nimenra, a world in conflict between Humans and Demons.
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24 Mar, 2022 00:55

Overall this is a solid article with nice supporting quotes and a good map. The plot hooks also sound interesting. I also feel the map is a bit too zoomed as well, but other than that, things don't look too bad. Places like this that do their best to help everyone in need always hold a special place in my heart for various reasons and I always enjoy seeing what others do in their worlds that support various communities.

26 Mar, 2022 16:01

Thanks for the kind words. I have now done the modifications that you and others have asked for, which as I have stated to them was much-needed. The map and layout of the whole establishment, however, might change soon due to feedback from Dimi (thanks for that Dimi!) with architectural problems and such. Or maybe I disregard it, who knows?   I hope to write more about the Blue Willowtree's Home or about something similar in the future since it was different to write about. It did require me to do more thinking about how the world works and how support between the two races (which due to in-world reasons is a problem) would work. I am glad that you like it!

Worldkeymaster, also known as A of Worldkeymaster.
You are welcome to explore Nimenra, a world in conflict between Humans and Demons.
My summer camp articles and half-finished pledge document: Summer Camp 2022