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This small fishing village is showing its age, with half of the homes abandoned and falling to ruin, only a small number remain to live on this out of the way island.


Gier Winterarm is the owner of the largest building and tavern, the Wandering Flagon, is looked to as the town elder. He is retired military man and maintains a relationship with the military captains who visit the island once every few weeks.


The tower was mainly a settlement that sprang up around the military base that was based on the island. The town was thriving until the military left, the town then went into a depression and was limping by until the founding of the ruby mine. The ruby mine was founded and breathed new life into the city. When the ruby mine closed, most of townspeople left, only a few families who were fishers or had a strong family connection to the island.

Inhabitant Demonym
Entire Human population, mostly revolving around sailing/fishing.
Location under
Brell Island
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