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Session 24 Notes

General Summary

World Date Summer, Second Moon, Korvin (28th Day)

  • Party meets and speaks with the crew of the ship
  • Scarlett and Rune Winding speak with Captain Auda Grindsoon about the members of the party, what they can do, and any talents they have to help the journey
  • Roth reveals he was a lookout on a previous vessel with sailing experience
  • Merry listens in while continuing to play
  • Fiske talking to dwarf member of crew, Baeshra is speaking with ship druid, Joe.
  • The Captain is entertained by Branwen, and tells the group it will be 30 gold, 15 up front and possibly 15 on arrival, that second 15 could be waived if the party helps out on the boat
  • Discussion of magical capabilities of the party, Baeshra is a handful and Fiske is an atypical and slightly unreliable cleric
  • Roth speaks with Cloud, the tabaxi in charge of lookout, and they trade stories, Cloud is happy to have Roth provide another set of eyes
  • The 2nd Mate, Axel Dalin is entertained my Philip, the octopus, and he and Scarlett eat crab cakes and chat
  • The Captain Auda Grindsoon, 1st Mate, Eira Gunborg and Rune Winding have a meeting that afternoon about official things
  • After the meeting, Rune Winding attempts to hit on Scarlett, which does not go well
  • Merry gives the panpipe she made to Eric, the small very talkative child, and tells his mother, Hemming & Sonja Stryker, that she will teach him the basics
  • Baeshra goes to shore, transforms into a dolphin and looks at the ship, trying to find a place to get on board without being noticed, and fails. He then swims around a bit and returns to the tavern.
  • More chaos ensues, and the party and the crew go to rest, with Roth resting in the tavern proper.
  World Date Summer, Second Moon, Kortril (29th Day)
  • Roth and Scarlett head down to the beach, and the boats on the beach to not appear to have been tampered with, or any new runes visible
  • Scarlett has a conversation with Gerry the crab while Philip gets some fresh sea water. Scarlett offers to take Gerry with her, but he decides to stay and guard the beach on Brell Island
  • Lunch is served, the party eats, but Baeshra stays in his room
  • Merry then teaches Eric, the small talkative child how to play the pan flute that she made, and he is a natural, picking it up quickly
  • Baeshra is visited by the Captain Auda Grindsoon where she gives me the guild lines of what is acceptable magic use on board the ship (no shifting into large animals, no summoning, no major spells, unless the ship is attacked)
  • Fiske took a walk on the beach with the dwarf carpenter, Hlin
  • Baeshra and Jo the druid, went out to practice wild shaping and look for new creatures to study and turn into
  • Scarlett and Axel Dalin hung out in the tavern with Philip the octopus
  • The Captain tells the party the boat will leave at dawn, and everyone elects to spend the night at the inn.
  • Roth paid the Capt Auda Grindsoon passage fee for the entire party (15g per person) while offering her tequila
  • Roth and the Captain spoke about the Wizard's tower, and the party's visit, the Sea Hags they encountered, the cursed rune on the boats, and any possibility of military help to get of the Sea Hags
  • Roth is surprised at the Capt Auda's successful conversation with Baeshra, and cautiously optimistic, asking if she could help educate him on human civilized behavior
  • Auda is discussing the benefits of having a second cleric on the boat, healing, food and water materilzation, etc. Roth mentions Fiske does not do any of that, Auda is a little confused.
  • Fiske makes wine in the tavern, a nice merlot, and offers some to Gier Winterarm and Ingrid Winterarm, the tavern enjoys a round of wine.
  • Fiske talks to third mate, general conversation, and asks about Hlin the dwarf
  • Fiske gets information about the town of Benroth
  • Roth teaches Branwen to hide in his cloak hood, it is very cute to watch.
  World Date Summer, Second Moon, Korlar (30th Day)
  • The party awakens early and goes to the two boats and heads to the Hammerhead
  • Roth and Scarlett are in the boat with the Cpt, 1st Mate, 2nd Mate, and 3rd Mate.
  • Merry is in the boat with the druid, cleric, carpenter, and lookout.
  • Fiske walked on water next to the boats, towards the big boat
  • Baeshra decided to swim out the boat instead, and kept pace with the boat where Merry was.
  • Fiske reveals he can speak dolphin, and talks to the other cleric, Thokk, who proceeds to tell Fiske all about her diety, Kord.
  • Baeshra swims around outside the boat and occasionally flicks water at Fiske
  • Fiske looks confused at all the talk about devotion and deities.
  • Shenanigans ensue.
  • Roth, seeing the shenanigans, offers to pay the captain to train both Baeshra and Fiske
  • Scarlett and Merry are enjoying the boat ride to the ship, and do not say much.
  • Baeshra casts water walking on the second boat, with Merry and others. The crew is amazed, and uses the skill to put the small boats on the ship.
  • The party boards the ship in the dawn light, it is called The Hammerhead - Talmart Military Ship

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
07 Dec 2018
Primary Location

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