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Session 12 Notes

General Summary

The Lighthouse & Back to the Mines- World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Rubrar (11th Day) and Ruaoth (12th Day)

  • Borrow a cart from the village, Baeshra turns into a horse, and party travels to the lighthouse
  • At the lighthouse meet Rune Winding , 6’2”, red head, bearded, brown eyes, let party into light house after reading the letter
  • Very surprised with Baeshra changes from horse to lizard man
  • Party introduce ourselves
  • Merry Roquinn (she reveals her last name)
  • Mine/Island Info
    1. Osmond-Hastain company, out of Benroth owned the mine
    2. Miners Brought security with them
    3. Patrols were set up to monitor the mine when it was productive
    4. Mine was probably abandoned many years ago
    5. Ruins of an ancient town on north of the island
    6. A tower, 1/2 day from ruins, 3 days north, walled courtyard, possibly a door, unknown who built it
    7. Disappearing stone from obelisk, stone in a niche in the back of the obelisk, stone appears to disappear and reappear back at the obelisk
    8. 3 obelisks on the island, south, west, and east, tower in the north
    9. Also unknown when the obelisks were constructed and if related to the tower
  • Flask has gin
  • Party decides to head back to the mine,
  • The will also take a rock from the obelisk, south stone of returning
  • Give Rune Winding some gin, he draws pictures of the Tieflings
  • Party take the cart to the obelisk, Roth takes the stone and puts it in the bag of holding
  • They head back to village, drop off the care, Merry goes invisible, Roth goes stealth
  • Roth gets back to the inn, grabs a beer from Gier, and goes upstairs to read the book in Elvish, a diary of Elric, mentions some poisons
  • Party has beer and crab cakes for dinner, and Roth then goes back upstairs to read/meditate
  • Next morning, party head back to mine and arrive around noon
  • In the main area of the bottom of the mine shaft, the gargoyle has reformed
  • Roth asks Fiske to say something in dwarfish, the gargoyle attacks, and the party kills it again and explores the path behind where it was guarding
  • Roth collects 3/4 of the dust and rocks of the gargoyle and put it in the bag of holding

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
31 May 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Brell Lighthouse

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