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Summer, 2nd Moon 1304

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This giant world has been the home to elves, humans, dwarves, orcs, tieflings, and other amazing creatures. A world created to play D&D 5e with a party in our home game.   The world is one giant continent with all the problems and joys of an evolving and growing world. Set post medieval with high magical content, this world has 2 large elf kingdoms, 9 human dukedoms which form a loose alliance of ruling the contient. The dwarves live deep underground and rarely come to the surface, more interested in their own lives and world. Dragonborne, gnomes, halflings, orcs, giants and tieflings have complicated side villages and communities outside the peaceful unity of the human and elven governance.   Our party of five adventures started out in the capital city of one of these human dukedoms, only to be kidnapped and suffer misadventure and shipwreck. This is their story.

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Thursday Night Story

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

5 strangers meet in the port city and capital of the Human Dukedom at Resonata.

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  • Map of Brell Island

    This island in the middle of the entrance to the Bay of Songs, set in the waters between the Dukedoms of Talmart and Alson. The west side of the bay of songs is lawless and the island was thought to be a major strategic value in the human dukedoms. There was a fall in the strategy value of the island over the years, and it is now part of the Dukedom of Talmart, while now only has a token military presence. The only settlement is Adelen, a very small fishing village.

  • Map of The World

    This map shows the entire world of Miross

  • Map of Resonata

    This is a city of Resonata where all our fair characters meet up for the first time.

  • Map of Benroth

    The main city and capital of the dukedom of Talmart, ruled by the Duke Oscar and Duchess Zoe. Set on the Voer River at the mouth of the Bay of Songs.