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Session 17 Notes

General Summary

Boats, Sea Hag, and more Reading - World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Ruanes (14th Day) and Rualar (15th Day)

  • After the ingredients have been gathered, Roth and Baeshra head back to the tavern to have an ale (flask is vodka)
  • The party then heads to the beach to wait for the boats to come back in, and they rest on the beach
  • The boats come back in and Merry goes to speak with Helga to get to know the "cure" for her son, which Helga tells Merry she found in an old book in Freijya Hendriksen's library
  • Roth then reads a bit of the mythology book while waiting for the fishermen to leave, he finds nothing but one brief mention of sea hags
  • After the fishermen go to their homes for the night, the party investigates the boats
  • Fiske investigates the Pearl Prize, Fog Wanderer, and the Storm Catcher
  • On the bottom of the Storm Catcher, they find the a rune on the bottom of the planks
  • Roth jots down what the ruin is, and then the party tries to slash through the ruin to destroy it
  • The party then heads back to the tavern to have dinner and drinks
  • Roth notices Loki Hegg at a table in the tavern telling Helga & Caulder Rosett, Freijya Hendriksen, Hemming & Sonja Stryker, and Ivar & Tove Nordurm all about the folding boat
  • Merry then goes over to the table and intimidates the entire table into silence
  • Roth then remembers about the south stone of returning, it is not in the bag of holding
  • Merry, Scarlett, and Fiske start casting Thaumaturgy, so Roth goes to bed to read
  • Rune Winding then comes to the tavern and is vaguely hitting on Scarlett
  • Party long rests
  • Roth wakes up early and prays at the shrine, when a small raven lands on his shoulder, chirps at him, and then flies away
  • Roth goes into the tavern for breakfast and talks to Gier Winterarm about sea hags in the area, he does not know anything but will look into it
  • Roth, Scarlett, and Mary head over to Freijya Hendriksen's at lunch time
  • Eventually Sea Hags come up in conversation at Freijya Hendriksen's while looking for a book on creatures
  • Freijya Hendriksen is able to find a book on evil creatures, and Sea Hags are mentioned.
    1. They are evil.
    2. They can corrupt sea life.
    3. They are more powerful in groups.
    4. They have nasty claws.
    5. They can shape shift and cast illusions.
  • Roth then borrows the book on evil creatures and the book covers, Drow, Shadows, Sea Hags, Green Hags, Night Hags, Ghouls, BugBears, Specters, Gelatinous Cubes, Hell Hounds, Blink Dogs, Doppelgangers, and Displacer Beasts
  • A mage aquantence of Freijya Hendriksen is mentioned, a Dr Siguard vonRoffles (a dark haired mage) who specializes in ruins at the Magical University in Talmart
  • Scarlett then talks to Freijya Hendriksen about being able to speak with animals, and demonstrates by speaking with a robin who lives behind her house
  • Roth then returns to the tavern to have a drink
  • The party then heads down to the beach in the afternoon to pay Loki Hegg the 5 gp and try out the new "repaired" ship
  • The party does not try to fold up the boat, as they are not sure how the repairs will work with the enchantment
  • The party waits for the fishermen to come back, and when they do, there is no change in the lesser catches of the two boats
  • The fishermen then go to their homes, and the party looks at the plank on the Storm Catcher which had the damaged ruin
  • The party then burns through the ruin, removes the blank, and then replace the plank and cast mending to try and full remove the curse/ruin
  • Roth then takes the burned plank and hides it in the tavern fire/log pile
  • The party goes to eat dinner at the tavern, then long rests

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
16 Aug 2018
Primary Location

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